Friday, February 25, 2011

New Orleans

I have so much to tell you about my trip to New Orleans.  First off, it was a work trip, so while I was in conference every day, I loved it.  I love all my colleagues from CFC and really enjoy all the ideas I get working with them.
Musician on the Riverwalk

Second, while it was a work trip, we had time for fun.  The first full day we were there we walked the Riverwalk into the French Quarter and wandered around.  We didn't have our first meeting until 1 p.m. so we enjoyed looking in the shops and had lunch at Poppy's Time Out which was right outside our hotel.  I had a half a Muffaletta Sandwich. 

As you can see it was huge!  I ended up eating one half of my half sandwich at lunch and the other half at dinner.  That evening we took the streetcar into the French Quarter and went on a Haunted History tour.  It was so much fun hearing all the stories from the tour guide as we walked through the historic streets.  While waiting to take the streetcar back, I picked up one of the seashells that can be found all over the tracks.

View from our window

The next day started early and we were in conferences all day long.  Lunch was a reception where the speaker was from the Coast Guard and she filled us in about the Oil Spill response.  We were tired by the end of a long day of conferences, and we walked up the road to Mother's for dinner.  I had a fried shrimp Po' Boy and a cup of chicken and andouille gumbo.  Yum!

To be continued...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hanging In

It never slows down at our house!  Alice is healing quite nicely.  After several days of her destroying the carrier by spilling water and spreading litter, we decided to let her have Kaia's room to roam in.  It's a few days earlier than the vet recommended, however she was just so darn active.

I'm busy preparing to leave for New Orleans.  Dana and I spent last weekend really cleaning up the house, so now it's just keeping it picked up before I leave.  I also will be buying plenty of quick and easy meals for Dana and Kaia as they bach' it.  The boys will be staying with Grammy and Papa, and I'm pretty sure the Bobos will forget all about me while I'm gone.  They love Grammy and Papa. 

And in the midst of all this, I got really sick.  I ended up on antibiotics and off my fast.  I'm starting to feel better now, but have a horrible barking cough.  So with the sickness has come lots and lots of sleep.  And that my friends, is a good thing.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

10 Days on a Daniel Fast

If my Vision Board post prompted you to look into the Daniel Fast, you may have wondered, "Just what do you eat?"  Honestly there are quite a few things that can be eaten.  Sadly though, they are things we have become unaccustomed to eating as our main diet here in North America.  I thought I would share the menu from my first 10 days on the Daniel Fast. 

First, let me say that I was a vegetarian for over 6 years, but never a vegan.  I could always eat cheese and eggs, and only during my yeast free diet have I had to give up bread and sugar.  This has been a struggle, but that is the nature of it.  A fast isn't supposed to be fun or easy, it's about persistence, devotion, and setting aside oneself for a time.  Do I plan to fast again?  Sure, but I'm not sure I will do a 21 day Daniel Fast again.  This study has helped me to learn what the Bible teaches regarding fasting, and it has helped strengthen my faith and my prayer life.  It's definitely a great way to start off a new year.

Oatmeal and half an apple
Salad without dressing and a yam
Whole wheat spaghetti with a tomato mushroom sauce and spinach

Oatmeal with banana
Split pea soup, Ry Krisp with hummus and fresh veggies
Leftover spaghetti and spinach

Natural peanut butter on celery
Split pea soup, Ry Krisp with hummus
Pan fried potatoes, peas and a yam

Pear and half a banana
Split pea soup
Stir fried veggies over brown rice with soy sauce

Banana and an apple
Mixed nuts, raisins and a pear
Black bean soup cup

No breakfast
2 pears and a few bites of split pea soup
Vegan nachos (fried corn tortilla with fat free refried beans, olives, onion, lettuce and salsa)

Leftover nachos
Salad with kidney beans

Vegetarian chili and salad
Veggie soup

Leftover chili
Stir fried veggies over brown rice

Oatmeal with 1/2 jar of banana baby food
Leftover chili and soup
Boca burger with mustard, pickle and onion and tater tots

Snacks have been fresh veggies and fruit, but I didn't record each snack.  Some days I felt horrible, and therefore ate very little.  The detoxing my system wasn't pleasant, but I think it was a good thing. Follow this link for some more info on the fast.