Friday, July 29, 2011

Getting Published

Lately our family is being highlighted in a few local magazines.  One happens to be available to read online, and shows a photo of Kaia at the beach on page 30.  Another magazine recently quoted me regarding having pets and kids.  I was slightly misquoted, as we didn't have all the animals at once, but that's ok, the point is still there. 

The most exciting piece though, is that I have written an article about our TTTS story that will be published in an upcoming edition of Playdate Magazine.    I'm very happy about this, as I've spent over a year trying to get someone to notice the importance of telling our story.  Not for our publicity, but to create awareness around TTTS.  I hear of too many parents losing their babies to TTTS, and it's not ok.  I want all moms pregnant with twins to know about TTTS, whether they may be at risk, and the symptoms that a mom will have, if there is TTTS.  This story is a step in the right direction.  And once it is published, I will try to scan a copy or at least publish my story.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Repurposing a Saucer

I have this pretty little saucer that my Granny gave to me.  I like that it is floral, without being too girly.  I used to use it for candles, and I think that is how it originally came to my office.  But recently, I found a new and much more useful purpose for it.

It's much prettier than the plastic paper clip holders, and much easier to grab a clip from.

Do you have anything pretty that you have made useful?

Friday, July 8, 2011

Who Said Healthy Food Costs Too Much?

I always read articles that say our obesity problem is linked to low socio-economic status.  These poor people with little money just can't afford to eat decent food.  Um, B.S.  Is it expensive to buy organic, or processed all natural products?  Yes.  Is it expensive to eat steak, many types of fish, and chicken breasts?  Yes, for the most part.  It is not expensive to buy fresh meats and produce.  If people buy in season, and buy less expensive cuts that may need more prep work or cooking time, there is no added expense.

The truth: People are lazy.  They can't be bothered to deal with a whole chicken, or trimming the fat of a cut of beef.  I went to the store last night with the goal of refilling our produce drawer.  Our neighbor has brought us several boxes and bags of produce recently from the food bank, but with 4 kids, it's gone in a very short time.  So for proof that buying produce in season isn't expensive, you can see what I purchased last night in the above photo. 
Here is the cost breakdown:
2 Jalapenos $.012
Romaine Lettuuce $0.88
2 Red Bell Peppers $1.00
1.4 lbs Roma Tomatoes $1.09
2 Nectarines (purchased because a twin grabbed and started eating one) $1.12
1 Cucumber $0.44
3 Ears of Corn $0.90
.54 lbs Green Beans $0.75
1.95 lbs Green Grapes $2.50
Grand Total: $9.24

Not even $10 for all of that.  And none of that is in season here yet, we had a late growing season, so this is all up from California.  I expect prices to drop further once we have local produce available.  How do you eat healthy on a budget?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Frivolous Spending or Investment in the Future?

I admit that I've always felt magazines were a frivolous expenditure.  Spending $3-6 to read a bunch of ads seemed like a waste of money, and besides I have several magazines I receive for free through different survey websites.  However, recently I've altered my view.

It was about 3 years ago that I went through the Lou Tice Investment in Excellence course.  What I learned there, is in order to change, we must see what we want as the norm for our life.  Therefore, if you are always running late, you cannot continue to say, "hey, that's me, I'm just a late arriver."  Instead  you must tell yourself, I'm an on time person.  I plan ahead so that I can arrive on time to my committments.  You can't just say it, you also have to visualize it.  The more you do so, the more you will strive subconciously to be that person.

That is why I have begun to purchase Real Simple magazine.  I love the organization tips, and the easy recipes.  I looked at it once and thought, "I wish that was me! I want to be the organized person with a clean house, and great meals."  It finally donned on me, that by reading that magazine, and envisioning myself being that person, I could become that person.  I also receive Shape and Martha Stewart Living (for free) and plan to read those with a whole new outlook.  I'm not an observer of those lifestyles, that is my lifestyle.

I look forward to becoming the person I want to be!  And if I can't find Real Simple for free, the $5 a month investment is well worth it!