Thursday, March 22, 2007


Yes here I am obsessing about sleep again. I truly believe all mothers with young children do this. We constantly discuss our child's sleeping habits. A "Good Morning" is often followed by "Did you get any sleep last night?" I don't hear dad's discussing this. A co-worker with a newborn did state that he gets up each time and does the diaper change, but only when asked.

Luckily today I can answer "yes," I did sleep last night. Mo's good sleeping streak broke and he was up every couple of hours each night earlier this week. I'm chalking it up to what looks like a few teeth ready to come through and a cold that I also have now. Why is it that when babies are sick they don't sleep? I haven't been able to get enough due to an infection that was followed by this cold. Last night though, he was back on his sleep all night routine, and I was very happy to sleep peacefully in my own bed.

Peacefully until Kaia joined us is a more accurate description. For such a small person, she can take up a large portion of the bed. I have yet to figure out a way to keep her in bed all night. This is mainly due to the fact that I can sleep right through her climbing over the top of me and under the covers. Dana generally won't wake up until she's shoved her feet in his back, and I wake up once she's successfully pushed me right onto the edge of the bed and the covers are off me.

Of course all of that is fairly livable, it's when the 25 pound heifer aka our cat Boomer decides to join the 3 of us in bed that things really get uncomfortable. Just imagine being on the edge of the bed, no covers, and having a 25 pound, sharp-clawed, wet nosed furball in your face. Nice, really nice.

Boomer in fact was very accurately named. According to my travel guide Boomer is Australian slang for someone/something very large. When we named him he was a scrawny sick kitten from the pound. Back then he could sit on my chest and stick his cold nose in my face and I could easily drop him off the bed and onto the floor. Now all I can do is hid under the covers and hope he finds a new victim before one of the other two in bed farts!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Almost 2 weeks!

So it feels like ages since I've posted. Then I realize it's just been 13 days! Wow, so much has happened for only 13 days. So here is a quick rundown:
  • Mo has dropped his middle of the night feeding
  • He has also started down the path of sleeping all night long (I'm praying it's not just a phase)
  • And best of all (for him) he crawled through the grass for the first time ever and ate his very first handful of dirt (thanks to sissy)
  • Kaia has learned the phrase "It's ok, sometimes that happens."
  • She also learned "maybe later" as in "maybe later I can have that" or "maybe later I can eat that"
  • Dana is now a full-time job seeker, after finding out his slimy manager was trying to hire a replacement for him
  • He also watched Kaia for 3 nights, by himself, for the first time ever
  • I went to my conference in Seattle. Where I learned a ton, made a great new friend, and spent 7 1/2 hours walking around Pike Place Market
  • I also turned 29 and celebrated with a low-key dinner. Just parents, in-laws, brother and his family and 1 friend and her family. It would have been fun to have many more, but it was difficult to talk to everyone as it was.

Of course much more happened, but there isn't time to type it all. I've been swamped at work and am so far behind that I have been working late and skipping lunch breaks. Today was my first lunch break (obviously) but there is still much to do. I promise the photos of Kaia's hair will be up soon, and I might even put up a photo of my friend and I in Seattle.

Thursday, March 1, 2007


Sunday was a big day at our house! Mo received his very first haircut. I became tired of the hair on the back of his head. It was long, and so thin that it was always getting messed up and sticking out. So Sunday morning before church I set him in the sink, and took the wahl hair trimmer out and trimmed up the back of his head. It was much improved.

Later Sunday, Dana also recieved a haircut. It was getting long, and he didn't want to look shabby during his job hunt. He's still working at his old job, but the lack of professionalism shown by his manager and co-workers is disgusting. So I was more than happy to help him look his best.

One of our family is not looking so good. It was definitely a haircut gone bad! Last night Kaia cut her own hair. She had to go potty, and seemed to be taking a while, but that usually means she's brushing her hair and using my hairspray. When she came out of the bathroom and told me now her hair was beautiful, I immediately sniffed to decipher how much of my spray was gone. Except as I leaned forward to sniff, she said and I saw that she had cut her hair. Now I have to trim her hair to attempt to even it out. It isn't as bad as it could have been. It looks like a bad layering job. Pictures to come...