Thursday, September 27, 2007

Link to shooting article
This is just one of those preliminary articles, but at least I know that the sound I heard before all the police showed up was a gunshot. With all the construction I wasn't sure what it was.

It's definitely Fall!

This isn't a post about the weather, which is very Fall like here. Nope, I work at United Way, and Fall means Campaign. Campaign means going non-stop at work. It means actually having to work some evenings and early mornings. It means audit time too, and being the most experienced on our database I have to stop Campaign stuff to do audit reports.

To add to all the craziness at work, our office is being remodeled. Not for fun, but due to the flood we had last month. So there is no floor in my office or in the hall. My office doesn't actually exist at the moment. My cubicle walls are moved to the board room (and it sounds as though they won't be going back! YAY! a real wall for me), 1/2 my desk is in the middle of the lobby, the other half off to the side. My computer tower is in the boardroom hooked up to the network, so I can work in my co-workers office on my desk top. It will be nice when it is all done in many ways.

Today we did take a break from working to watch the excitement down the road. A whole block next to our office had to be taped off with police tape. It appeared that someone was shot or stabbed. There were at least 10-15 police cars, 2 ambulances, and the fire emergency ambulance. We could see them working on someone. Of course the huge crowd that was in front of the house when the police arrived quickly dispersed. That led to police flying down the side roads to find the suspects. It will be interesting to hear more on the news tonight. We typically have our share of arrests to watch and psychos who drop in, but this was the biggest event yet.

The event Wednesday night went great. I had a nice outfit thanks to my co-worker, and everyone had a good time. Old buildings definitely carry sound, and the Depot was filled with laughter and talk, so much that it became difficult to carry on a conversation.

Now it's time to end this break. I'll update on the family later.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


There is nothing better than being/feeling appreciated. I have a great co-worker that is constantly making sure that I:

  1. Like my job
  2. Am not planning to leave
  3. Know that he is thankful for the work I do

Today I was even more surprised. He came up and gave me a workshirt, which I knew he'd ordered and suspected it was for me (not many people where my size) but it's been in his office for several weeks. He also gave me a Fred Meyer gift card, which completely shocked me, and told me that there was around $25 on it and maybe I could use it to buy something to wear tomorrow night. He quickly pointed out that I didn't have to use it for that, and that he realized I may have other plans. I did, a black hand me down sweater that I dug out of the bottom of the laundry pile and have yet to wash. I had really wanted to buy something for the event tomorrow, but couldn't justify the money spent. Now I can get something!

It is our United Way Pillars event at The Depot, which is the old train station that's been converted to a restaurant/lounge. Last year it was awkward for me. I was still nursing Mo, so being out in the evening, wasn't the most comfortable. I really didn't know anyone, but my co-workers and a few Board Members, and I wasn't a Pillar (leadership giver). This year I'm definitely not nursing, I know quite a few of the people attending (most actually) and I actually am a Pillar so I've earned it to be there.

After my last post I did take in the frame and exchange it for hairspray, gel and eyeliner. All things that I was out of and needed badly. So now rather than having a frame in a stack, I can appreciate the gift each morning as I prepare for work.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Ethical Dilemma

I find myself in an interesting position. I went to a baby shower yesterday. I happened to be one of the names chosen for a gift (no games at this shower, just drew 2 names using our Thank you card envelopes). It is a very nice black picture frame. I was happy to receive the gift, but really have no use for the frame. I still have empty frames that I've received from others. The curious thing is that their is a gift receipt taped to the back of the frame. Now if I throw a shower and someone doesn't care for the gift and re-gifts it or if possible exchange it for something else, I'm fine with that, but what about others? I never would have thought of exchanging this gift, but there is a gift receipt taped to the back of it. So is it ok to take it in for store credit???

I have decided to do just that. If she didn't want it exchanged, she would not have attached a gift receipt. I'd much rather buy a few bars of soap (Palmolive, 3 bars for .99 cents) or diapers (not that we need them now, but Mo is still at least a year from potty trained). So I guess the gift will do me some good, and it will get good use, instead of being relegated to the pile of picture frames I don't need or use.

Time to go make dinner. Fajitas with fresh salsa (the only acceptable kind in our house) of course it will be made with our homegrown tomatos and the food processer mom and dad bought me for Christmas last year (Thank you , thank you, thank you!!!). Yum!

Monday, September 3, 2007


I went to Rosauers yesterday not a planned trip, but we were out of celery and green pepper, both of which I needed for my pasta salad (see sparkrecipes for the full info). I always look in their clearance cart, but rarely buy any of it. Yesterday, I saw G diapers. I was sure they were still really expensive. Nope $2.99 a package. So I saw a few refill packages, no big deal, probably wrong size. Nope right size. Ok I still don't have the starter kit with the cloth outer and plastic liner. Oh wait there is also one of those in the cart. Green and blue and 2.99 also. So what should have been $26.99 for starter kit, and $14.49 per refill... I paid $2.99 each. I haven't figured savings on that specifically, but I know that it is approx 10 cents a diaper and that is far cheaper than the disposables I buy at Target. I had previously done calculations on G diapers vs the cloth and disposable mix I was using. But at 2.99 a package, there is no comparison. Here's a shot of Mo looking very stylin in his G diaper.( pic to come since Mo has unplugged all of my internet)

We have just baked 3 loaves of bread, and have cinnamon rolls in the oven. There is also a whole chicken in there. Still need to fill the celery with the discount potted cheese, and then cook the fresh corn from the produce stand. for dinner. Kids are going crazy so I better go.