Wednesday, November 30, 2011


On Tuesday night, Victoria's Secret broadcast a fashion show featuring models in Victoria's Secret under wear.  Stations around the country censored the broadcast because it was offensive. They are right, but their reasoning is wrong. I fully agree that it is offensive, but not because models are walking the cat walk in bras and panties. 

The Victoria's Secret show is offensive because of the models.  It is offensive that we allow women all over to believe that those models represent an ideal feminine body.  Hell, it's offensive that we allow them to represent a female's body at all!  Young girls, already struggling with their body image, now feel fat and ugly.  Wives, mothers, and single women doubt their attractiveness.  Even men wonder why they can't find a woman like that.

Women like we see on that stage don't exist.  Those models might as well be Stepford Wives robots.  Just read about the diets the women undertake prior to the show.  They are anorexic.  If you have ever looked into the real world of modeling, many of those women are chain smokers or drug users.  Both help them keep that unrealistic, skeleton like physique.  Their real hair is supplemented with weaves and extensions.  Their make up is caked on to remove all blemishes.  Their bodies are tanned and also made up to cover anything that may make them appear human.

I haven't bought Victoria's Secret products in years, and I am not about to start.  Shame on them, and so many others for continuing to spread this propaganda of unhealthy body image.  Yes, this post is written by someone that is 5 feet 5 inches and weighing in at 130 pounds.  But, I promise you, I can grab a handful of belly.  That belly has stretch marks.  My butt jiggles when I walk, and so do my thighs.  My boobs are small, my face has wrinkles, and while I naturally have a lot of hair, it will never look like what Victoria's Secret portrayed last night. 

I'm a real woman.  I've given birth to 4 kids.  I eat food, and enjoy it.  I don't smoke, or use drugs to stay thin.  The only tan I get is come by honestly as I work in my garden in the summer.  My kids love me, my husband loves me, my friends love me, and we are all real.  All of us ladies need to start loving ourselves.  We need to love each other.  We need to be real!  Stop letting corporations sell us robots as women, fight back!  Teach young women and men everywhere what real women are.  We can do it!

An 8 year old's Christmas List

I'm including a photo, just to prove I did not make this up!  This is her list, although I have edited the spelling.
  • ten dollars
  • make-up
  • laptop
  • phone (as in cell phone)
  • candy canes
  • conditioner
  • shampoo
  • soap
  • mints
  • Kinect
  • bunk bed
  • art kit
  • sister
  • hair dyed red
  • face paint kit
  • monkey bars
  • maid
  • I want to meet Ke$ha
The list garnered plenty of snickers and smirks from her dad and I.  From the simple, to the impossible, the girl knows what she wants!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Have a Plan

This plan came to me at about 3 a.m. the other morning.  No matter how hard I try, I can't shake the idea.  Maybe I should up the dose on my happy pills, or take a nap, but here is the plan:

I will strip off all my clothes and light my hair on fire.  Then I will run around my neighborhood.  Hopefully this will be insane enough to secure a bed on the psych ward of the local hospital.  While there, I can sleep without hourly interruptions, my meals will be cooked for me, and I may even score some good drugs.

It sounds like a perfect plan, but I hear from a nurse that psych is full.  It usually is, and I wonder how  many are sleep deprived moms?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How to tell if you are having a bad day

You may be having a bad day, if on the way out the door, your 2 year old let's the expensive indoor cat out.  And as you run down the stairs in your high heels you yell "dammit" loud enough for the neighbors to hear.

You may be having a bad day, if once outside, you have to chase said 2 year old down the driveway and snatch him out of the road while yelling to your daughter, "we need to catch the grey piece of #@$%"

You may be having a bad day, if you get to the supermarket and realize that you forgot to pack your daughter's lunch, so the $1.50 in cash you scrounged up won't be sufficient to purchase the hard candy (cough drops not being allowed at school) and a lunchable.

You may be having a bad day, if while walking through the supermarket, you look at the woman who is approximately your age, maybe a bit older, calmly shopping in her name brand workout gear (the gym is just next door) and want to strangle the life out of her for her child free, healthy, and peaceful morning.

I'm not an expert, but if those things happen, you may be having a bad day!