Thursday, June 18, 2009

Resting at home

Well, I am at least. The boys are not. Both of them are doing great! They are healthy and very active. Brendan (or Brendon) Quinn, formerly known as Fric is enjoying his new space. I don't need an ultrasound to tell me that his amniotic sac is growing. He is able to kick and move in new places and is taking delight in doing so!

Bryce Walker, formerly known as Frac is also doing well. While I'm sure he's feeling better now that his heart isn't working so hard, he doesn't have all the room to careen around inside me after they removed a pint of amniotic fluid. He is still kicking around in there though, and it still feels like he is breech.

We cannot thank you enough for all your prayers. I wasn't even nervous going in to surgery, even before they gave me some sedatives. Knowing the number of you out there praying gave me a peace that all would be well. A peace I couldn't have had without all of you praying for me, and all my friends and family and church.

They lasered just a handful of veins, and drained the fluid from Bryce's sac. Then the exciting part: we got an up close view of Bryce's feet. Dr. Walker (we included his name as Bryce's middle so we never forget the man that saved our boys) wanted to check on what he thought may be a club foot. Turns out there is no club foot. Bryce had just been holding it funny during the last ultrasound.

Next the fetalscope moved on to Brendon's (or Brendan, we haven't decided for sure on spelling) face. We saw his chin and upper lip, with his hand up by his cheek, then nose and then eyes and eyebrows (eyes are still shut). Dana and I both agree that our boys look like their big brother Mo. They are beautiful, and I now am eager for the day that I can kiss and hug them.

I'm on a week of rest, with some work from home. Dinners are being graciously provided by my family members and church family, and my cousin is doing some grocery shopping for me today. I will go back to work Monday, and have another follow up ultrasound with Dr. Walker on Tuesday. Then a follow up once a week at the U of W for about a month. Then back to Dr. Rowles. He even called today to see how the boys and I were doing. I was sure to thank him for his quick action in getting me over to Seattle. Had he hesitated, we could have lost our boys. But he didn't, and I'm looking forward to being back in his care with 2 healthy boys in me in another month!

Unfortunately, as seems to be the case, when we got home from the hospital we found our cat Hemi with a blocked urinary tract. It's happened before, and it's an immediate rush to the vet. He will likely come home tonight, but I don't even want to consider the cost right now. Especially since we had the washer and dryer fixed today. Oh well, it's only money, right?!

Thanks again! A BIG THANKS to Jen for updating for me! I loved talking to her and will be doing so again some day (when I'm not coming out of the sedation and a tad stoned). And as soon as I figure out how to capture a small portion of the video for you all to view, I will. Screen shots are difficult because it is so zoomed in, you don't see much at a time. But I may figure out some of those too.


Mica said...

TJ, So happy to hear all went well. I love the boy's names that you chose. very sweet. I will surely keep you in my thoughts and prayers as your pregnancy continues.This is HAPPY news !!! Keep up the rest and fluids..... sorry to hear about your kitty..hopefully all will be alright.. Love, Mica

barb said...

Such joyous news! I'll keep you all in my prayers, and look forward to hearing more good news. Rest. It's a good thing for all of you.

Lady Farmer said...

So glad to hear things are going swimmingly ~ or not as the case may be for those two little ones! No more room to swim now, just grow and make mom a little more uncomfortable! :~}
I will continue to pray for you and babies to stay healthy and for an easy birth! I'll say a little prayer for finances and Hemi, also!

A sister in prayer said...

So happy everything is going so well! Prayer works!!!

Just Breathe said...

Your welcome for the prayers, glad you are home and the boys are doing so well. God Bless

Jerri junque said...

I am so thankful that prayers have been answered. And I will be checking back to keep a check on the little ones. Love to you all

jennifer said...

Oh this is a HAPPY HAPPY post! I am so thankful that the boys "feel" right to you. I can remember how amazing (and at times uncomfortable) having a baby inside felt. I can't imagine how it must feel having two babies!

The names are wonderful. I like either spelling for Baby B.

And yes, we'll talk soon!

Hugs TJ!


Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Thanks for this happy update.

Amanda said...

I'm just so happy that you are all doing well, and love the boys names. I cant tell you how much time I have spent thinking of you all, and praying for you (which I will continue to do). Such happy news! amandabeth

Ronnica said...

You're not going with Fric and Frac? Bummer! Actually, I love the names Brendan and Bryce!

I'm so thankful the surgery was successful!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear all of this...