Monday, June 13, 2011

The Book of Mo

The joke on the Popsicle stick: Which birds are always sad?  Mo's answer: Vegetarians

The other night Morgan became so upset over dinner he was crying.  I told him I was making burritos.  And he cried because he doesn't like Chinese food.

Morgan has a callous on his foot.  If you ask him about it, he got it in the military.  He told Grammy that Dana and I went on vacation and left him in the military camp, but he told me that we were there too.  Apparently he had a scope, a gun and a chainsaw.  And he got the mark from a stamp in the military.

Morgan also told Grammy that  I cook up some really good octopus eyes, in my octopus eye cooker of course.  We salt them and they are deee-licious. He told us that all militaries eat octopus eyes  and when he was a kid in the military they were his favorite meal.

According to Morgan, a house of horrors is full of hores.  

Morgan told Grammy he bought  his camo hat at the Chinese people's yard sale.  I told Morgan our neighbors weren't Chinese, they are Mexican. And I also told him that we probably should just say our neighbor's yard sale, as it really doesn't matter.

Morgan's favorite food is roasted snail.  And the bestest bug to eat is cooker ants.  And you roast them and make bug pancakes with bug syrup. 

You honestly never know what will come out of his mouth.  Yes, he's one funny kid!


Mrs. Mordecai said...

Ha ha! I love having a peek into a kid's imagination.

Anonymous said...

That's my boy! Won't his teachers have fun with him at school?

Di S. said...

What an amazing imagination! Love it!

dianna said...

NUM NUM...I'm coming to YOUR house for dinner!!!
Awesome imagination on that kiddo : )