Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Best Birthday Ever!

Those were Morgan's exact words as he hugged me over and over again after his party Saturday.  I was happy he had so much fun, and I was beaming about the best Birthday cake ever. 

If you have been reading here for long, you will know my cakes are quite often a bust. From cupcake liners that don't do what they say, to a cake that stuck to the pan.  So this year, Dana told me to hire someone to make the cake.  I contacted someone, told them what I was interested in, and nearly died at the minimum of $3 per serving.  But, in light of my past mistakes, I figured we would go for it, and just get a small cake. I sent her a link of what I wanted, and told her my price range.  Then I waited.

I hadn't heard from her in the week leading up to Mo's Birthday, and figured I'd be making my own cake.  We already had the Zombie party invites sent out, Zombie plates, and the Zombie tablecloth which read "Let's Paint the Town Dead."  So the Plants vs Zombies cake was going to be my task.  Then one week from the party, I heard from the decorator.  She booked a wedding the same day, because my order was never confirmed.  Honestly, I was relieved.  I asked a few questions from someone with fondant knowledge, and headed to WalMart.

I bought a nice Wilton cake pan, 4 boxes of already colored fondant, and those pretty cardboard squares to put the cake on. I also picked up a box of Duncan Heinz Butter cake, as Mo requested a yellow cake, since it's his favorite color.  Then my allergies hit me so hard, I thought I caught a cold.  So, what better way to relax than on the couch, watching Netflix and molding fondant? Nothing honestly, I was having so much fun.  And the end result was a beautiful and delicious cake on Morgan's Birthday.  My cost for all the supplies was less than $60, and I have enough left to make 2 more cakes.

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Anonymous said...

It was a yummy cake, as well as looking good, the kids got to pick what plant or zombie they wanted. Job well done.