Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Camping, Molars and More

Memorial Day weekend is over. We all survived. We all had fun. Here is a quick rundown of our weekend:
  • Dad and Mom went up to Kaner Flat and found us a great spot next to a family of 2 couples their kids and the grandparents. The site wasn't one of the big ones we would have liked, but apparently you have to be there about Wednesday for those.
  • Kaia has a new best friend! Her name is Elizabeth and they spent 3 days playing together.
  • Mo liked to be in the playpen with the twins and the other 2 year old girl, but being a toddler didn't play much with them.
  • Jeff, Tammy and the kids made it up and stayed Saturday night. Luckily there was a spot open for them (no one seemed to be interested in camping with 6 kids and all of their trappings)
  • Dad, Mom and Neeko made it back up on Sunday, just as our two families were walking back from the river. It was also just in time for lunch. So between the fixings Jeff and Tammy had, the fixings we had, and the extras my parents brought up it was a hot dog feast!
  • Kaia now does a great job riding her bike. She and Elizabeth both had the chance to practice together and even traded bikes a few times.
  • Mo's molars have become official pains in the... mouth, middle of the night, all day long... you choose. Poor little man has 4 huge swollen molar shaped areas on his gums. He is super fussy and doesn't sleep too well. He is officially covered in drool from having his mouth open while chewing on his fingers and everything else all day. Ibuprofen is now his best friend and they cannot breakthrough soon enough.
  • We were all tired last night! Dana and I wanted to go to bed, but had to fight an overtired 3 year old who was screaming, crying and kicking for no apparent reason.

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