Friday, March 6, 2009

In case you were wondering...

Many readers may remember a few months ago when I stated that I was applying for my concealed weapons permit. To some that may seem strange, but around here, it's called protection.

Just yesterday, I drove home down Tieton Drive, about a mile past 16th Avenue, a police car came flying by, back toward 16th Ave. I learned on the news this morning that a man was shot in the leg right outside the convenience store on the corner of 16th Ave and Tieton Drive. I was at the stoplight right next to that convenience store. This must have happened within a minute or two of me leaving that intersection.

Also last night, in a town just a short drive from here, a man was shot dead, and another wounded.

Both of these incidents are gang related. Both are fairly common occurrences around here. We don't live in a big city, but we rival them with our crime rate. The police and swat team often close off the streets just East of our office. And last month a gang fight, luckily one that didn't include weapons, happened to be on the sidewalk in front of our office, and up against our front door.

We live in a town that has some amazing things happening. The downtown is being renovated, there are numerous shows, art activities and we are in a prime location for skiing, hiking and camping. It really is a great place to live, but until the gang problem is dealt with my family, and many more that I know, will have protection just in case.

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Art said...

I'm one of those strange people who are gun owners and also believe in strong gun control. I'd say you are more than justified in wanting to protect yourself and you're doing it responsibly and legally so more power to you. I just pray to God you never have to use your gun in self defense!