Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Instruction Manual

No matter how much we may wish, no one has written an instruction manual for kids. Oh sure, there are thousands of books out there about how to parent, but they aren't always right, they don't work for every child, and who can read them all to sort out the good advice?

Driving home with both kids in the car is often an adventure in itself. I never know what they will say or do. Last night started out just fine, they were playing with the "tangle" (bungee cord for those that don't speak Mo). They were laughing, except when Mo lost his end and Kaia had it, and having fun.

Something happened though, and Mo tried out one of his new phrases. "Oh D@mmit." Before I could scold him, Kaia who has reached the tattle-tell stage, was anxiously shouting at me. I must point out that there was no need to shout, as she's right behind me in her seat, but shout she did, "MOOOOM MO SAID A BAD WORD." I told her I knew, and told Mo not to say that. So Kaia, also being in the bossy stage told him, "Mo, you don't say that!"

Now what is a 2 year old to do with a bossy sister that won't stop? Repeat everything she says, of course. Mo looked at her, and seriously stated, "You don't say that sissy!" Kaia didn't like that, and tried telling him she hadn't said a bad word, he had.

"No, you don't say that sissy."
"Stop that Mo."
"Stop that sissy."
"Mom he's copying me."

At this time, I decided to give my most sage advice ever. "Kaia stop talking. He won't be able to copy you, if you aren't saying anything."

It didn't work, I'm pretty sure she rolled her eyes at me, but I was busy driving so I can't be sure. Soon Mo was bored with that game and onto something else. Kaia forgot about it as soon as she began arguing with me over going to visit our neighbors Grandpa Carl and Grandma Mikey. They already had guests over, and my answer was no. That argument continued into the house, where Dana reiterated my no. There was much whining and stomping from Kaia, and at that point I thought:

"Who needs an instruction manual? Just give me a mute button!"


Carla said...

heeheee! Ah, the joys of motherhood, trust me it doesn't stop-EVER!

You find that mute button, let me know:)

Art said...

LOL! Now just where did innocent little Mo learn that word? :D

Danielle said...

*Sniff* My daughter needs a little brother.

I despise parenting books. I especially despise the little "cultish" wars that have taken place because of them. People stick so much to one method that it's almost like a religious belief to them, and anyone who does "the other" method is not enlightened, etc. Then, people who take from both methods and/or do their own thing "don't know what to call themselves". I totally, totally hate that.

Don't feel bad about the cuss word. My four year old cousin was in preschool recently and tried to take a toy away from another child. When the other child wouldn't give in, my cousin muttered, "Oh, fuck it", and walked away. He learned it from his father.
Annalise flips people off now, because John and I always do it to each other as a joke. But, she uses her index finger.

Anonymous said...

I vividly remember a certain little girl(who just happened to be a big sister) doing the same thing to her brother. If I never hear the Revelation 21:8 song again it will still be too soon.
If you haven't heard it ...
It has something about Liars go to hell. Of course, that was also a great reason to use the word hell and not be reprimanded for it. Hmmm.. Maybe I should teach it to my youngest granddaughter! Aren't paybacks great?

Danielle said...

Moms should not be allowed to read blogs, lol