Saturday, November 21, 2009


I have a hypothesis! (complete with hand gesture courtesy of Dinosaur Train)

That coat is making me boring.

Mommy you're being a brat.

It's a green light, Go!

It's a yellow light, Go!

Look mommy, he's kissing your boobie. (I was nursing one of the boys)

SOS isn't dinner. SOS is letters, you can't eat letters.


Mrs. Mordecai said...

I love the boring coat. And the hypothesis! Very cute.

barb said...

I think all mothers and fathers should write these isms down (blogging works!) to read in their twilight years or to cheer them when your spirits need lifting. They're priceless!

Anonymous said...

My daughter recently discovered how to blow raspberries with her mouth when she doesn't like something. It's hard to be mad at her, because it's so cute, but I did manage to lightly pop her on the butt and "act mad" yesterday when she was doing it...

Just Breathe said...

They say the cutest things! (Kids)

Carla said...

Mo-isms:) Precious!!! Happy Thanksgiving to your full house (and full heart:)