Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Too Tired to Think?

Or maybe it's just too tired to post. Of course there is plenty going on here. I've tried to compose posts in my head, but they don't get very far. Life revolves around feedings, diaper changes, and sleep... or lack of sleep.

We are falling into a routine though. The boys are eating on their own command, and I no longer need to set an alarm to wake them. They each get the chance to nurse at least once a day, and the rest of the time they get bottles of expressed milk or formula. I have mastered tandem bottle feeding and alternate who sits in the Boppy to eat and who is held.

Kaia and Mo love their brothers. Kaia is over-zealous in her desire to hold them and feed them. They would never sleep if she had her way because she wants to hold and play with them all the time. Mo enjoys showing them his toys and how they work. He gives them "big hugs" and kisses often.

Dana is great helping with the boys. And we both seem to be figuring out our role as the parents of 4 kids.

I miss reading all your blogs, and hopefully will get all caught up soon!

Halloween Night, I wasn't getting much cooperation and photo time.


Julie said...

Twins are qutie a handful at that tiny age. My sister had identical twin girls eight years ago and they had around the clock help for the first few months.

The boys look like they are adjusting well and are simply adorable!

Hugs and love,

barb said...

I see that you're still using the hospital bracelet! The boys certainly look awake! And healthy! And completely adorable! You'll all get through this "feed on demand" time, then you'll move on to different challenges!

Mrs. Mordecai said...

What a sweet picture. Glad to hear you're making it through!

Danielle said...

If someone had told me that I could nurse once a day and still nurse, I would have done it.

Can't figure out what Mo is, but he seems like he's grown a lot!

I can't wait until you read blogs either. I miss your comments. I'm getting at least 10 lurkers but no comments.. :-(

Keep everyone posted on how breastfeeding goes, I'm curious to see how long you can do it for

Just Breathe said...

Thank you for the picture of the boys. Your hands are full times two beside your son & daughter.
Thank you for posting. God has blessed you and I am so happy.

Casii said...

You have your hands full of life's little blessings! Don't fret about blogging. Just enjoy & keep getting into the swing of things. :)

jennifer said...

Don't you worry a bit about blogging. It'll be here and so will we.

I love the pictures of your kids. Everyone looks so animated!

Rosa said...

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Anonymous said...