Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Middle Child

Mo has been the middle child for almost 8 months now, and while he's still my good little boy, he's become quite the handful. 

At home he tends to listen less, and his independent nature tends to exacerbate his feeling left out.  He's always been happy to sit outside and dig in the dirt by himself, and at times he feels excluded even though he's chosen to go off on his own.  Then when he comes in and wants to rough house with his brothers, he gets told to settle down.  He just loves them so much, he can't wait for the opportunity to really play together.

At Sunday School he's become quite the story-teller, and occasionally a bit naughty.  My brother helps out in the classroom, and he finds all the antics hilarious.  One Sunday, the teacher was handing out the little baskets full of crayons.  Mo got his and declared quite loudly, "Volcano!"  He then threw the basket of crayons up in the air and had them rain down.  Every question he's asked comes back with an answer about monster trucks.  Such as, "And what does Jesus like us to do?"  Mo's answer, "Jesus really likes monster trucks."  And according to Mo, I recently had huge fireballs land in my garden, and I was really mad.

This imagination also extends into some fun stories.  You may not know it, but Mo has a farm.  A big farm out by Grammy and Papa's house.  He has animals, and lots of John Deere equipment.  He even told me how many acres it was, but I can't remember the number anymore.  Mo also build I-82 in between Yakima and Ellensburg.  He built it with his construction crew.  I find this hilarious mostly because it was built in the 70's. 

It's been a bumpy road transitioning from two kids to four, but we're all getting the hang of it.  And I know from all the research that middle children are supposed to be among the most well-adjusted people, so in the end it will all work out. 


Anonymous said...

Of course middle children are well adjusted. Look at your mom!!!
Mo does very well in Sunday school for me, but he also knows Grandma Owie has limits and how far he can push me.
He'll get the hang of it, and it is very obvious how much he loves his baby brothers.

Maybe he needs a "date" with just you or Dana.

Anonymous said...

Very nice post! Is he going potty yet? Wink

jennifer said...

Mo sounds like a bright and entertaining kiddo. It also sounds like he has a patient and loving Mom. I'm thinking he's going to be A-OK.

My middle kid, while driven and a perfectionist, is high on drama and good at getting attention. Sounds like they have something in common :)

Barb said...

My parents had 8 children, so that means there are 6 middle children in our brood. I'm not at all sure they are the most well-adjusted! IMHO, the 2 eldest in our family earned that moniker, myself being one of them, of course!

Be afraid. Be very afraid! (Just kidding) hahahaha!

Just Breathe said...

I haven't raised a middle child. Not only is there one after him but two. I would do some research on what you can do to help him adjust. I figured that Jesus loved motorcycles :)

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I'm a middle child and I turned out pretty good!