Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Onions and more

I've mentioned our fantastic next door neighbors before, the kids fondly call them Papa and Grandma, Kaia and recently Mo have attended Sabbath services with them, and they are always helping us out.  Recently we've been gifted with an abundance of produce from them.

Their church runs a food bank, and when a large amount of produce is donated, they take what they can distribute before it spoils for the food bank, and the rest is given to members of the congregation (to use and distribute to others).  So Carl and Myke often bring some to share with us.  Recently we've received 2 heads of iceberg lettuce, apples, grapes, yellow potatoes, a big bag of chopped broccoli and 6 onions.

The lettuce we quickly ate, and the apples and grapes go in lunches and are used for snacks.  I love yellow potatoes for frying, soups and casseroles.  The broccoli is easy to use, especially since it's all cut and ready. 

But the onions... I love french onion soup, but don't think I could convince the rest of the family to eat it.  I could make onion rings, but I'm really trying to eat healthier.  Salsa is always a good option, but tomato prices are high.  So tell me, what do you like to make that uses onions?


Anonymous said...

If you can find inexpensive cucumbers you could make cucumbers and onions. Guess that about does my onion recipes, except I use red onions and mix oil,balsamic vinegar,sugar and Mrs Dash seasoning together for a Marinade. I suppose it could work for white or yellow onions also. If you try it,use Mrs Dash Garlic Herb seasoning.

Just Breathe said...

Sorry I am no help but have you Google "What can I make with lots of onions"

Ann M. Boyd said...

Hi Tysa,

Lately, I've been caramelizing onions and putting them on anything I can -- sandwiches, pizza, burgers. They are a great low-cal condiment, and those onions shrink up in no time! I just heat up my 12" nonstick skillet, add a tiny bit of olive oil, and add two big onions (sliced very thin). Cook, stirring occasionally, for about 15 min, until they get nice and brown. These keep well in the fridge, too. It's actually a relatively new thing for me, as I despised onions my whole life until Lucy was born -- then something hormonal shifted it around!

Happy eating!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

TJ, me and onions do not play well together!

Jenn @ Frugal Upstate said...

I love onions & use them constantly in stirfries, spaghetti sauce, casseroles, soups etc.

You can chop them, freeze them on a cookie sheet until solid, then throw them in a zippered baggie. . .then you can just pull out a frozen handful whenever you need them.

You can slice them up and throw them in leftover pickle juice (or make your own brine) and have lovely pickled onions for sandwiches.

If you want to try something different you can google "onion pie". . .Onions, bacon, flaky pie crust. . . mmmmm.

Liz said...

I have this recipe for chili that is really good with onions. I put them through the food processor first before cooking them, and by the time the chili is done they're so cooked down you can't even taste them anymore :)