Monday, October 4, 2010

Looking Good for Less

Friday night was our annual Pillars Party for United Way. I didn't attend last year, due to the fact that I was nearly due with the boys.  This year, I was happy to go and work as a greeter, but was getting frustrated that my nice dresses (that are appropriate for an October event) were not fitting well with the twin pouch I still carry.

I was pretty discouraged Friday morning, and grabbed two dresses that are ill fitting.  I left for work in a horrible mood, and only smiled when Mo said to me, "Kaia is going to turn 8, the babies are going to turn 1, I'm going to turn 5 and you'll be 18."  I of course agreed with him.

My friend and co-worker Kate brought me a surprise back from lunch.  A black tube dress that has lots of drapey fabric.  She has the same dress in pink, and loves it because when her Crohn's is acting up it helps cover up her tummy.  She gave me the black dress as she had never worn it.  Then on my lunch break, I made a quick run to Target.  I added a blue scarf ($3.24), a bracelet set ($4.39), and a nice set of earrings ($3.48).  I already had a pair of hand me down black heels and some Spanx to help with the twin pouch (both from Kate as well).

I think it was a fabulous look for under $12.  I felt amazing, and that's what really counts.


Liz said...

If I want to hide what's left of the Damien pooch, I have this old corset like thing that I bought to go under a prom dress years ago. It makes me feel pretty because it slims and makes me have my old curves back again. It's amazing what a little ego-boost can do for your mood :)

jennifer said...

You look amazing! If you have a pooch it isn't visible in that photo.

I LOVE to dress for less as well!

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!!!! You look like a million bucks!!!! HOT MAMA!!!
Love ya