Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oh Rats!

Enough serious posts about first birthday milestones, religion in politics and world food consumption.  Today let's talk about rat sandwiches.

You may remember how I love rat sandwiches.  In case you don't, I'll remind you.  This summer Morgan dreamed that I ate a rat sandwich, and he was very upset over my poor choice in food.  He lectured me for days about eating good foods, and rats and mice were not good food.

Apparently, my love of rat sandwiches has caused me to feed them to others.  This week Morgan had an upset stomach and when his grandma asked him why he explained just what I had done. 

We were driving and I spotted a dead rat in the road.  Naturally being the good mother I am, I stopped and picked up the dead rat, took it home and made Morgan a rat sandwich.  I even made him eat it.  And that is why he had a tummy ache. 


Mrs. Mordecai said...

That is hilarious! I love the things kids come up with.

nannykim said...

Kids have such glorious imaginations!! I love it!(at least lets hope it was his imagination! ha)

Liz said...

Start writing this stuff down in a book. It'll be titled "S&%* My Kid Says". It'll be a NY Times Bestseller :P

Michelle said...

lolol!!! My tummy just turned a few times over the visual of the freshly-roadkilled-yet-lovingly-retrieved-from-the-road-for-sandwich-goodness rat, but that's what makes it such great story!

Dianna said...

At least the poor rodent died of somewhat *natural* causes and not some horrible vermin virus...THAT would be a bad mommy ; )
(and a bad sandwich!)

jennifer said...

Maybe he should eat Rat-tishes :)