Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Christmas List

I know, I know.  It's not even October, and here I am discussing Christmas.  But right now is when I'm doing Christmas shopping.  I keep an eye out for clearance items, so I can buy gifts that are out of our price range, but become in our price range when it's 75-90% off.  I already have my nieces' gifts, one nephew's gift, and two of Kaia's gifts.

So I got to thinking about what I would really like, and then laughed at how simple it all is.  What I really would like for Christmas:
  1. A House Keeper.  Seriously!  I've realized that I cannot keep up.  My schedule keeps getting crazier, and the kids seem to get messier.  I went on Care.Com and found that there are several in my area that work for $10-15 an  hour.  And I really would just need someone for 2 hours a week. Even if someone just paid for a few months, it would be so nice to have some help!
  2. A steam cleaner.  This was a Christmas gift a few years ago from my parents.  I loved it.  It made cleaning our textured vinyl floors simple and they came so clean!  Then it died.  It died after I told Kaia to quit messing around with it or she would break it.  Not sure if the two things are related, but my floors haven't been clean since.  I've cleaned them, but it's not the same.
  3. Food.  Yes, it sounds so crazy.  But I love when we get a Thanksgiving or Christmas box from the church.  Being able to fill up the pantry, and not have to worry about groceries is a luxury.  Last year we received a gift certificate for meat from a local butcher, and that was so nice.  And the added bonus is, when we don't have to buy a bunch of groceries each week, it frees up some money to buy things that we like to eat, but are more expensive.  
  4. Electrolosis.  I will fill you in on something.  I'm hairy.  Really hairy.  Worse though, is my hair grows insanely fast.  It's a blessing for the top of my head, but a curse everywhere else.  I'd love to have electrolosis on my underarms.  Not only would it save me the daily shaving and ingrown hairs, but it helps cut down on sweating.  And that would be fantastic!
So there is my list.  Practical as always.   Have you started any holiday preparations?


Liz said...

We have Thanksgiving almost planned out, and have started on planning Christmas but nothing more than having talked about when we're traveling this year, and by which mode of transportation (train or plane.) Honestly, we need to get through the host of birthdays first!

All I want for Christmas is a Kitchen Aid mixer. And I know that's not happening. :(

Katrina said...

Your list looks like my list....except instead of a housekeeper I would settle for someone to come and clean my bathroom and laundry each week....have been looking at steam cleaners (I have slate and I hate the black stuff that it is) and wondering how good the cheapers ones are....only $120....hmmm thinking about it....and yep....getting rid of the hair!!!!