Sunday, September 18, 2011

Not in my house!

When I first realized we had a flea infestation, and the doctor confirmed the Bobos were covered in flea bites, I was sure that I was the worst housekeeper and mother ever.  I knew they had come in on our cat Callie before we had her put down.  I remember clearly the time she came in and was so filthy, something very unlike her, and one of the first signs that it was time to consider euthanasia.  But to have them in our home bad enough that the boys were bit all over, I had to have won some sort of award for my inadequacies.

Then, when I posted such thoughts on Facebook, my eyes were opened.  So many people came forward telling me about their battle with fleas.  So many, that I realized, this isn't something to feel bad about or ashamed of, it is something that many people deal with.  Many people deal with, and few discuss.  That's where I come in.  I discuss it.  So, let it be known, we have fleas in our home.  I'm still fighting them.  It's not an easy battle.  The doctor recommended using a bug bomb.  I have problems with that.  Number 1, I don't like the idea of spreading poison all over the house.  Number 2, everyone I've talked to, and everything I've read says that the bomb doesn't do it.  You still have a ton more work.  So I researched our options.

I researched and opted to spot treat all the remaining cats.  I also bought pesticide for the carpets, but they can only be used in limited rooms, at limited times because we have 4 kids and 4 cats.  So I treated the Bobos room, as it is one of the worst, and have been using Borax on the rest of the carpets and vacuuming often.  We will win our battle, and I won't be ashamed that they are living in my house.  The little bastards will die!

I have to wonder though, how many things do many of us live with, and hide for fear of being looked down on?

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Anonymous said...

I have also battled fleas before. One thing the vet told me is the "Wind Tunnel" vacuums are not the best for using if you have fleas. You have to be diligent to empty and place OUTSIDE the stuff you vacuum up or the fleas can get right back into the carpet. Hang in there. You are not a terrible mother. Unless your mom is a terrible mother? Uhmmm don't answer that!