Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Life Goes On

We've been staying busy, busy!

Kaia has looked forward to having the opportunity to work in the school kitchen since the start of the school year.  You have to be in 3rd grade before you can do the work and she really wanted to do it.  She's now on her 2nd week of kitchen duty and loving it.  I'm loving it too!  She gets free school lunch when she works.  School lunches cost me $2.25, and the average home lunch I pack her is probably about $1.00.  Either way, I'm saving time and money, and she's learning how to be responsible!

The Bobos turned 2 this weekend.  And when they do something, they like to go all out.  So to celebrate turning 2, they started off their birthday by breaking our tv.  Our tv that was $900 plus tax and a warranty.  And as it always works, the warranty doesn't cover 2 year old twins throwing stuff at the screen.  They had an enjoyable party and are having a great time playing with all their new cars.

I'm busy trying to get Morgan's curriculum ordered so that we can get him on track with kindergarten.  Of course, what should be easy seems like a daunting task to me.  Once we have the curriculum though, I know it will all go well, he's such a smart kid.

It's definitely Fall here, and the days seem to just fly by in their busyness.

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