Wednesday, November 26, 2008

2 Year Olds are Fun!

Mo is always good for a laugh around our house. Last night he was in rare form. He stomped around the house singing, "Dum Di Dum Di Dum HUH." He was pretending to be a gnome after watching the DVD of Kaia's performance in "Rumbledidskin."

Later he came out to the garage, he was delighted to see the dog in there and said, "Hey there Sampson. He a big dumb dog." Yes, he has learned Sampson's other name already.

He has also learned a number of words that I won't post for you to read. Those words that he shouldn't say, and yet we have to stifle the laugh at such a word coming out of his little mouth. One particularly funny incident was when Dana started to say a word, but caught himself. Mo without missing a beat said the word for him. Good thing he'll grow out of it, well his sister did anyway.

Who knows what clever new things he'll say this weekend? He'll have quite the audience at Thanksgiving, so we could be in for a treat.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I wish you safe travels, and enjoy your family.


Carla said...

My favorite part of our Thanksgiving gathering was my 2 and 1 yo grandchildren! Life in their presence is a blast!!

Have a great holiday weekend!

Anonymous said...

I am loving having a might-as-well-be-2 year old.