Saturday, November 22, 2008

Watch Out!

There are pirates everywhere!

Captain Morgan was hiding from the pirates in his ship.


Julie @ blessedwithfive said...

Very cute . . . we have secret spies here!

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

CUTE! Thanks for sharing :)

Linda C said...

Very cute pictures--isn't it amazing what a cardboard box can become?:)

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment about my cloth napkin project. I know what you mean with little ones and napkins--with my six sometimes I wanted to just hose them off:)

My sister actually did use a plastic "drop cloth" type thing under the highchair with her carpeted kitchen. It was a rental so she had no control over the choice of flooring.

Anyway-- I hope you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving.
Linda C

kaylee said...

OMG he looks so much like my 2 year old brother!!@

jennifer said...

Mo is a DOLL!

Linda C said...

Hi Jennifer~
I just remembered that you had asked for my green bean casserole recipe in your comment on my menu.

I just use the recipe on the back of the French's fried onions box--and double or triple it as needed. In my grocery store they are located near the green beans:) Very convenient!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Linda C

Carla said...

Gone are the days when I was always finding stow-aways in my boxes, enjoy! It goes FAST!!!

Art said...

That is SO cute! Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving!