Friday, November 14, 2008

Reward Update

I'm very sorry to report that Kaia has not earned High School Musical yet. Apparently some habits are hard to break. I am going to really try to work with her this weekend on staying in bed, because I don't think a crowded bed will be good for Dana's recovering knee.

Better news is that I am healing, although I had some scary, "I can't breathe" moments yesterday that required my inhaler. Mo seems completely over his cold, which is very good.

My house, well that is still a disaster. Thank you so much to all of you that would help if closer. My plan is to tackle it all tomorrow, and hopefully get a head start tonight. I don't like how dirty it is, so it will have to change.

Have a wonderful weekend all! I will definitely be in next week, participating in Kelli's Giving Thanks week.

Giving Thanks


Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

Sometimes good things take a little time. Kaia will get there. You are a patient and loving Mommy.

Sorry that you got sick...sounds like your plate is full. I hope things will settle down soon.

I wouldn't worry about a messy house. Get healthy first, then tackle the chores. It will still be there to clean when you feel better. And I'm not going to say, "Ew, TJ has a messy house so I'm not visiting her blog anymore." :-)

Casii said...

Hope you are feeling better and the rest of the weekend is a vast improvement over the past couple of days!

Julie @ blessedwithfive said...

Hey there . . . I have a few minutes and thought I would comment. I am sorry comments have been slow . . . things are really chaotic around here. I will be glad when things calm down here and life can resume to normal.

Have you tried taking an immunity vitamin to strengthen up your system? It could help you regain your strength.


jennifer said...

I am going to pray that she earns that video. I think she will feel good about her accomplishment.

But I understand... our 7 year old still likes to sleep with Daddy - which means I get the couch LOL!

It doesn't happen often but sometimes, he just charms his way in!