Wednesday, August 5, 2009

10 Random Things

  1. I love to eat sweet potatoes, but everytime I see a recipe that has sweet potatoes in chili or meat casseroles or in soup, I cringe! Yuck! I'll take my sweet potato plain or with some butter and brown sugar.
  2. Kaia loves zucchini, or at least she swears she does, until I cook it and put butter on it. Then she refuses to eat it. That left me to eat an entire cooked zucchini by myself one evening.
  3. I have a very short fuse these days. Just ask Dana. He tries to tease me only to see the smoke start to roll out from my ears. "I'm just teasing babe," is a phrase he's used a lot lately. I'm sure he's counting down the days til our boys come and I become somewhat normal again (with a good dose of antidepressants).
  4. You could also ask Rocks about my short temper. I was ready to duct tape her mouth shut the other night when she wouldn't quit yipping and barking at Sampson. I settled for attaching her bark collar, it was the first night she wore it in over 2 weeks. I think she's in heat, and we really should get her fixed, but not with this weather.
  5. Dana's job is going great, but the new schedule is kicking both our butts! We're getting up an hour earlier and while it's easy when it's once a week for a doctor's appointment in Seattle, it's tough to do every day.
  6. Good news, we'll be able to get some sleep on our vacation on the coast. Bad news, we'll have to go through this adjustment all over again.
  7. I cannot get enough of watching the video of Brendon and Bryce. I get to feel them all day (and all night) and see ultrasounds on a weekly basis, but seeing their little faces is just so much fun.
  8. Mo is all boy now! He loves to burp and fart, and make sure we know it was from him. As long as he doesn't start doing that at church or the library, I'm totally ok with it.
  9. Yes, I'm one of those moms. The standard of behaviour in public is much higher than the standard of behaviour at home. We should all be able to kick back and feel comfortable at home.
  10. Our house is has stayed semi-clean. The bedrooms aren't in good shape, but the main living areas are liveable, and right now, that's all I ask for. See that extra hour in the morning is actually going to good use.


Just Breathe said...

I love sweet potatoes too! Butter & brown sugar is my favorite but I also enjoy french fried ones.

Vacation sounds awesome. We go on one next week.

Excited about those babies. They will be here before you know it!
Enjoy whatever free time you have now, it won't get better!

jennifer said...

I love Sweet Potato Casserole with the candied pecan topping but only twice a year. It's a shame because sweet potatos are supposed to be REALLY good for you.

I'm sorry the new schedule is tough and I am proud of your tidy living spaces! Maybe you'll rub off on me.

I know you said you are a bit moody but I hope otherwise you are feeling great.

Hugs TJ.

jennifer said...

Look-it Just Breathe! She beat to number one by a minute. :)

Carla said...

How wonderful!!! Just keep rolling with it!!! (I'd be looking at those babies all the time too, and I would LOVE to go to the coast...)

Danielle said...

TJ- Remember that Mormon lady whose blog I was following? (Pregnant with sextuplets). She had her babies last night. She was not even 23 weeks yet- 22w6d. I'm shocked that it's here locally and there is NO media coverage whatsoever.