Friday, August 28, 2009

The Cost of Getting Sick

At our home, there is one thing we always seem to share: colds and flus. The typical cycle is Kaia gets sick, then she shares it with Mo, he shares it with me, and I may or may not pass it on to Dana.

This last bout with a cold that turned into sinus infections for Dana and I was a bit different. Dana got sick, then I got sick, then Mo, and finally Kaia. This last bout also got me to thinking how quickly a little cold became an expensive venture.

Here are the costs involved:
Dana missed 2 days of work due to the sinus infection. I'm not going to give an exact figure, but that is more than $150.
2 boxes of tissues (cloth is what I use for regular nose blowing, but when we're sick, we use tissues) $3.40
2 packages of psuedoephedrine: $9
An ER visit for me after being awake in pain all night: $0, but only because I have supplemental coverage through the State right now. Otherwise it would have cost $75.
A trip to my family doctor: $30 copay
Antibiotics and Pain meds for Dana and I: $40
2 night's of takeout because we were both too sick to fix dinner: $35
A bag of Vitamin C throat drops: $1.40
Diflucan for the yeast infection that follows a round of antibiotics: $2

Total out of our pockets: $270.80

The boys will be born during cold and flu season, so the key this year will be prevention! The cost of prevention is much better too!

Hot Water: $5 a month? I suspect that is a high number, as our highest water bill has never been over $45 a month, and that is during the summer when we are watering the lawn and garden.
Soap: $1 This is also a high number as I have a huge bottle of antibacterial soap in the kitchen that only cost $1.50 and we've owned it since before Mo got sick with pneumonia. The other sinks have free soaps from hotels.

Total out of our pockets: $6

I think with some good handwashing, and not sharing cups in our home we can definitely save ourselves some money, and feel better!


Danielle said...

Are you getting flu shots? I got one 9 years ago, and subsequently got the WORST FLU EVER. My ped said, though, that I should still get another one, because that was just initial immunity. I don't want to regret believing him.

Julie said...

A house full of kids is prone to sickness hanging around and passing from one to another and pack again.

My kids always get flu shots, but last year they were late getting in at the ped office. My kids were the healthiest they have been in the flu season WITHOUT the flu shot.

We try to keep hand sanitizer plentiful AND we always use the dishwasher to wash dishes instead of by hand.

Just Breathe said...

I do believe your best bet is the antibacterial hand wash. All day long. Sorry you were all sick.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Sorry you all were sick. We are gearing up for flu shots here. I am not looking forward to this flu season at all.

Mrs. Mordecai said...

Too bad! I never thought of the cost before. We're really not into the illness season of our life yet as we have no kids in school and we're rarely ill. I'm enjoying it while I can!

barb said...

Wash, wash, wash those hands! It's amazing, but simple things are usually best!

jennifer said...

We were there recently. I'm sorry sickness took a bite out of your budget.

We are just going to pray a hedge of protection around your boys regardless of being born during cold/flu season.

Hugs TJ!