Thursday, October 22, 2009


Things are moving along quite rapidly here. The boys are over one week old already! It's unbelievable. They are also gaining weight as needed, and mom is starting to get some sleep.

We've had other good news too. While I was in the hospital, we learned that the Suburban we wanted was finally approved and ready for us. It was a long ordeal, and we'd both written off owning the Suburban, as much as we wanted it and had decided to just make do as a two car family. Now it is sitting in our garage, and I can't wait until I'm allowed to drive again so I can be behind the wheel.

We traded our truck in on it, so the car, which has always been considered mine will be Dana's vehicle quite often. So he spent one of his days off cleaning it. It was filthy, and while I've cleaned it, I've haven't had it spotless in ages. I'm afraid of vacuuming up something special that the kids lost in it.

On my wedding day, my mom gave me her silver cross that she received as a gift from her sister on her 16th birthday. It has a diamond in the center and it was her first diamond. I wore it quite often, but one day the chain broke. I put the cross in a little holder in the car, with the broken chain, in hopes of finding a chain that matched. Then one day it was gone. Kaia and Mo had been playing in the car and things were all over the place. I looked and looked, but never found the cross.

Dana did a thorough cleaning of the car, and then sorted through the shop vac before dumping it. Guess what he brought me. Yes, I do have a wonderful husband! Not many men dig through the trash for their wives, but mine knew how much it meant to me.


Lady Farmer said...

Wonderful husband, indeed! I have a cross almost exactly like that with My first diamond (from my, then, future husband)that I received almost 40 years ago! If I lost it I would be crushed. Both daughters wore it in their graduation pics and one on her wedding day.
So glad you and all your family are doing well.
Continued Blessings!

barb said...

Yay for your wonderful hubby! Buried Treasure Found!