Monday, January 18, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Some of you may have received 2 menu plan Mondays via reader. Blogger was having fun with me and re-posted last weeks post first, then this week's post.  This is truly our menu:

Last week's menu plan went quite well.  We did decide on Saturday to have burgers and tater tots instead, so the spaghetti has been moved to this week. 

Tacos with meat, beans (leftover from Friday) and clearanced salsa from the store.

Leftovers from my Board meeting.  We almost always have food leftover, so I'm planning on Olive Garden soup, salad and breadsticks. 

Spaghetti with leftover lasagne sauce

Roast, potatoes, carrots in crockpot

Chicken noodle soup (leftover chicken from Saturday)

Hamburger Helper Italian pasta

Beef Pot Pie using leftover roast

See more menu plans at Orgjunkie.   What are you having this week?


Just Breathe said...

Good for you. I never plan which doesn't work very well.

jennifer said...

It's great that your menu planning is working out so well.

The beef pot pie sounds good. Do you use the recipe that calls for the frozen pie crust in the silver pan?

Have a wonderful week TJ.

Anonymous said...

Can I come to your house for dinner tonight? I never get Olive Garden. Left over or not!

TJ said...

Jen- my recipe, which I've never used before, calls for a refrigerated pre-made crust. I will, however, make a homemade crust. I think pie crust is super easy, and I have plenty of flour and margarine at home.

There are still leftovers mom! Their Chicken Gnocchi is to die for! And if I don't take a lactase tablet before eating it, I do feel like I might die later.