Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Miss Me?

I'm finally back to post!  I'm using my lunch break, one of the first that was truly a break, to check in.  It has been non-stop at work and at home. 

Work has been non-stop interviews, presentations, meetings, and mailings.  It looks like a filing cabinet puked on my desk.  I worked late most nights last week, and when I didn't work late, I was at a school meeting.

Kaia started 2nd grade, and no surprise she loves it.  Mo is having a hard time adjusting to his sissy being gone, and has been in quite the mood.  I'm pretty sure both of them are going through a growth spurt, as more than 50% of the meals I make are going to the two of them, and Dana and I get what's left.  The twins are starting to sleep through the night, and they keep us busy when they are awake.  Dana and I are realizing that mornings are one of the few times we actually see each other during the week.  We'll hopefully get a date night this weekend to go see Resident Evil Afterlife. 

On the health front we've all been fighting a cold.  I'm still fighting this fibromyalgia or whatever it is.  I'm worn down, I hurt all over, and I'm tired of it.  So Labor Day weekend was us being a bunch of bums and lounging around.  I did tackle one big thing though.  Kaia's room.  I should have taken a before photo, but it was disgusting.  What's important is to know that there was a 2 foot layer of clothes, toys and garbage.  Not anymore.  And her closet is even clean.

I hope to be back to blogging, and visiting your blogs again very soon!  I miss keeping up with everyone.


Debby said...

Nice to see you today. I can't imagine working and having the kids to take care of. Who watches them during the day? Glad she is liking school. They grow up so fast. Hope you all feel better soon. We didn't do anything all weekend either.

nannykim said...

I don't see how you find ANY time to blog!! I have been doing a lot less these days because of just living life and I don't have any kids at home now!!

I think you would be exhausted just from all you do. I know after I had two of my kids very close together, I was tired for about 2 years!! I remember going to a doctor about it---he proscribed regular exercise and that did help....but what helped most was the kids getting older and being able to sleep through the nights!