Thursday, September 16, 2010


Things are moving along at the Kihn house!

The boys turned 11 months old yesterday, and have started taking several steps at a time.  In no time, we will have 2 walkers to keep up with.  Their 1st Birthday is just around the corner, and I already have their Halloween costumes planned.

Morgan, who no longer likes to be called Mo, has slept 2 of the past 3 nights in a bed other than Dana's and mine.  Both he and Kaia have been going to bed at 8:30 pm without much fuss as well.  Another huge milestone, he has started going into the bathroom when he needs to poop.  He's not using the toilet yet, but it is the first step to being potty trained according to the method I'm following.  I owe a huge thank you to Mrs. Mordecai for sending me the article on this way of training.

Kaia is cruising through 2nd grade.  She is reading 3rd grade level books, doing really well on her math homework when she applies herself, and has already been to one birthday party this school year. 

Dana and I are enjoying having our bed to ourselves, and having a quiet house after all the kids are in bed.

The cats still do not like Nemesis, and Nemesis loves to terrorize the cats.  This is just one of the photos I snapped during the 5 minutes Cinnamon and Nemesis got along.

My second 24 hours wasn't nearly as easy as the first.  I didn't want to eat my foods, and everything I thought to make for dinner had something that wasn't allowed. I made fried rice, bbq pork and egg rolls for Dana and the kids to eat.  I did cheat and had a few scrap pieces of bbq pork, but only because I wanted the super hot mustard.  I love that stuff.    I had roasted chicken thighs and broccoli.  This morning I had leftover cold chicken and Ry Krisps with cream cheese for breakfast.  For lunch, I met my brother at Pizza Hut for their buffet.  I couldn't eat the pizza or pasta, but I enjoyed 2 plates of salad.  Tonight I think we'll have meatloaf for dinner.  Some of the grumpiness I can tell is hormones, and some is sugar withdrawl.  I also remembered that I only did the 2 week diet last time, because I figured out quite quickly my trigger foods.    So I will likely do the same as last time.  I will add back in the foods I know I can eat, and stay away from the sugary stuff and the sweet baked goods which are usually what get me the worst.

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Sounds like you really have your hands full!