Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Part of the family!

Nemesis has made himself at home in our home.

He loves attacking the other cats, and has learned to run when the twins attempt to eat him. 

He isn't too sure about things like rain, but being an indoor cat, he doesn't have to worry much about that.

And a sure sign that HCC Arch Nemesis was present is the scratches. You go to sleep looking normal, and wake up with claw marks across your face.  Mo should beware, as he spends most of his time annoying Nemesis.


Barb said...

He's a cutie! But does he really scratch while you're sleeping?! None of my cats have ever done that... if they had they'd have been banished from the Royal Bed-chambers!

Debby said...

He is so cute. Scratches on the face - not so good.

jennifer said...

YEE-ouch! She's awfully pretty, scratches and all. The kitty is cute too :)