Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Today is my first day back to work after a wonderful vacation/stay-cation.  Feel free to sigh with me.  I really enjoyed reading all the potty training suggestions and commiserations from my post last week.  We still have no progress, but Safeway brand pull-ups were on clearance before the trip, so I have to be happy about that.

I'll be back with some photos from our time off, but for now, some nonsense:

I had a dream where Dana and I were talking to a vet and he told us "the colonoscopy on the cat..." I woke up wanting to laugh at the ridiculous thought of a cat having a colonoscopy.  I am now calling Hemi "colonoscopy cat."

3 am and I are tight.  We are best friends.  If I can re-learn how to sleep from 3 am to 4 am, I will gladly ditch 3 am.  So maybe we aren't best friends.

When I wake up in the middle of the night and I'm hungry, I like to imagine a giant cup or pitcher filled with a thick vegetable or split pea soup.  I just tilt my head back, like a sword-swallower, and pour that thick goodness in until my tummy is full.  That has actually been an ongoing fantasy of mine for years.

I also have this visualization when I'm really sick and my glands are swollen.  In that fantasy, a needle takes out everything in the gland and it magically stops hurting.  Wouldn't work in real life, but sometimes it makes me feel better imagining it.

Mo had a dream the other night that I ate a rat sandwich.  Now he has been lecturing me on making good food choices because rats and mice are not healthy to eat.

The boys were both playing near Dana and standing up.  One of them lost balance and fell on his butt.  Looking over, he saw that his brother was still standing, so he reached out and knocked his brother down.  Sibling rivalry starts early.

Kaia has started telling people that Morgan is home schooled.   I'm not entirely sure what she means by that, but I love that it makes me sound like a way better, much more organized super mom.  My idea of home schooling right now is watching Super Why with Mo and not replacing "Super" with "Stupid" when the song comes on.


Danielle said...

You said because of Mo's potty training issue, he'd have to be homeschooled the rest of his life. Maybe she picked that up? Those are some weird cravings and dreams. Is K5 on the way?

Liz said...

Love this post :) You had me laughing the whole way through (especially at the image of the boys knocking each other down lol).
If K5 were on the way, that'd be a neat trick...and I'd reconsider the TL as a not very good method of BC XD
Oh, almost forgot...my mom has a potty training tip: leave him nekkid. Evidently it worked when she was potty training me and I refused to #2 on the toilet (I do not remember this, nor do I admit that this actually happened XD)

TJ said...

There is definitely no K5! :) Actually my weird food visions started back in high school.

Thanks for another potty training tip too! I've thought of that one, but am a bit hesitant because he's slightly obsessed with his doodle and enjoys handling it and showing it off.

Just Breathe said...

Wow, those are some weird dreams and thoughts. A pitcher of soup to fill your belly in the middle of the night. Okay a rat sandwich does not sound good.

Barb said...

Sibling rivalry does start early, and I don't think it has an expiration date either!

Cat colonoscopy? bwahahahaha!