Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Klutz

Yes, here it is, another post filed under "owies."  How do I continue to do this to myself?  No idea, but I don't expect these posts to change any time soon.

Yesterday, while helping Dana in the garage I fell.  Now I didn't just trip and fall, or slip in a wet spot and fall.  No, I do both of those on a very regular basis in the garage.  This time I stepped on a socket, it rolled and I went flying into the motorcycle jack.  The pain was insane.  The wind was knocked out of me.  As Dana was looking at my back to see what happened, the garage door came down onto his shoulder.  There wasn't much to see on my back.  There still isn't.

I did spend over 3 hours in a very busy ER to learn that I did in fact break a rib. I did not puncture my lung though, but I now need to be careful so that I do not puncture my lung.  And how is a mom of 4, with 2 toddlers supposed to take it easy? 

Luckily I have the help of my family, and several friends have volunteered to help if needed.  My mom and dad watched Kaia and the twins while I was at ER, and she watched Morgan after Dana stopped by with him.  Then my mom picked up my prescription and a few groceries, while Dana went and picked up dinner at New York Teriyaki. 

I'm feeling ok but sore today.  Breathing seems easier, and of course there are these lovely little things called pain pills.  The one bright note from yesterday, I spent my time in ER reading Hungry Planet.  Wow, it is fantastic!  For now, I'm off.  The pain pills are kicking in, and it's time to apply ice.


Julie said...

Oh my goodness! I am so sorry you are in pain!

Hopefully all will heal quickly and you will be back to yourself!


Barb said...

Oh, my word! Girl, take it slow and easy!

Big hugs :]

Mrs. Mordecai said...

Oh no, that's terrible! I hope that you get to enjoy a bit of down time and that you get better soon. Enjoy your book; I loved that one!

jennifer said...

Oh shoot TJ, I wish I were nearby so that I could help you too! I'm so sorry you got hurt.


Dalyn (AKA The Queen of Quite Alot) said...

twins? wow! Thanks for the comment on my blog- your life has obviously changed as much as mine. Sorry about your pain!