Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Super Proud Mommy Moment

I am not sure how many posts have been devoted to my Starlet, my Actress, my Diva... but I know it's been many.  She is big time now!  Not Broadway or Hollywood, but community theater.  The Warehouse Theater.  She auditioned for Annie, along with 110 other kids, and she is Kate the orphan!

Life just got into a whole new level of insanity with rehearsals every evening Monday through Thursday, and each Sunday afternoon.  My crockpot is in full-time use, and my Suburban is going through the fuel.  But, it will all be worth it when the show opens on Thanksgiving, and our Star gets to do what she does best!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Way to go Diva! My brother has been in theater his whole life.
He is a director in Milwaukee, WI.
Enjoy each moment!

Mrs. Mordecai said...

Wow, way to go! You must be so proud of her.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

That is so AWESOME! I can hear you busting with pride!