Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Starlet

The starlet doesn't like to be disturbed before noon!

In my last post about spring, you may recall Kaia's hissy fit. Well due to the hissy fits and back-talk that have become the norm around our house (most especially after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays) we have Super Nanny'ed up and made House Rules.

We have all agreed to follow them, and we'll be putting up the printable reward charts from her website for both of the kids. Those are for child specific issues, like brushing teeth, not using the sleeve as a tissue, and not picking our nose (Kaia wants the last one included). We started last night, and Kaia was very into the rules. She's excited about it, and even though she had a time-out on the loveseat, she did very well and it's one of the best evenings we've had. Here are the rules (you will quickly see that some are for Dana and I just as much as the kids).

Kihn House Rules

  1. No name calling or threats (yup Dana and I need to work on the threats)
  2. Clean up before bed time
  3. No getting in the fridge without permission (this is for the kids)
  4. No hitting or pulling hair
  5. No sticking out your tongue (I need to work on this just as much as Kaia!)
  6. Listen to each other (This should probably be #1)
  7. Go to bed, on time, in your own bed
  8. No yelling (Every last one of us does this)
  9. No potty talk, unless you need to go
  10. Be ready to leave the house on time


Mrs. Mordecai said...

I think rules help kids feel loved. I had a friend in high school who confided to me that she felt like her parents didn't care about her because she didn't have a curfew or any rules at all.

jennifer said...

Every kid needs boundaries and they will test them at times just to see if you are paying attention. I hope this is a success for you! She is so cute - both of your kiddos are - and I imagine it is difficult not to succomb to those eyes!!

Be blessed.