Monday, March 18, 2013

Food, Glorious Food, Wonderful Food

It's March, and gorgeous weather here in Central Washington.  That means we have begun planting our cold weather crops for the year!  Kaia has been especially eager to plant, and I hope she is just as eager in the summer when we need to  weed and water daily. 

We are still growing everything in the front year, as I want to give the backyard 1 more year to get rid of all dog poop.  (see I told you my life is full of poop!)  To date, we have planted Arugula, Mesculin Mix, Spinach, Lettuce blend, and Kale in pots out front. We have also planted sugar peas and radishes in the front garden.  Last year was pretty much a bust.  Nothing really grew, and I didn't plant too much.

This year will be different.  It already is.  We will also be planting, watermelon, cantaloupe, corn, beans, zucchini, cucumbers, peppers and more!  I hope to have most of our produce coming  from our garden and supplementing with the fruit stand that opens in late June next door. 

It's going to be a good year!  What are you planting?


Anonymous said...

Zucchini, Tomatoes, cilatro, lettuce, beans, and our usual grapevine will be producing grapeleaves and hopefully grapes. Remember, we use the leaves to make rice wraps. I went shopping at whole foods and got all kinds of "raw food" novelties to eat with my garden produce. I'm going to try and get Annalise to try new things, too. A good way to get kids to try new things is to give them a muffin baking tray with different things in each muffin thing. Let them pick at it and don't harp on them. Can't wait to see your garden pics. Oh, also my zukes are getting flowers, and there is a greek recipe for the zucchini flowers. I'll post it when the fowers are big enough.

Tamara Bell said...

Oh my. You really want a list!!!
Actually we're a tad bit behind. I still have to start Nick's Virginia Peanuts, my egg yolk tomatoes, some spinach, some more herbs, blah blah blah. Could go on for a while.
Just gotta find the energy to do it. :)
We're hoping for grapes this year too, last year we had an oops and didn't trim them like we should've.


Liz Fiorentino said...

I'm keeping it pretty simple and just doing tomatoes, basil, and carrots. I eventually want to do squash but I'm not really sure if we have the space for it. Half our battle is making sure that I have enough room for everything I want to plant, and because we only have a 1'x12' area to plant (or will as soon as Joel gets my planter box up!), we're pretty limited on space! At least I'll have most of the fixin's for tomato sauce/tomato soup :)