Saturday, March 23, 2013


I have decided that Pier One really gets my senses.  I stopped by to use a gift card the other day, and fell in love with some of their scents.  Now their pumpkin spice scent has always been Fall to me.  I love it, and cannot get enough.  However, I hadn't realized they would have scents to speak to me in 3 other seasons.

First I smelled the Patchouli and was ok with it.  Then I found the Asian Spice.  I was in love.  My Suburban and my office smell like Asian Spice now thanks to the hanging air fresheners.  I purchased a oil diffuser thinking I was picking up the same scent.  Whoops, no, I picked up Patchouli.  I like it much more now that it is in my kitchen.  So much that I took an empty AirWick plug in oil diffuser and filled it with the Patchouli oil scent and plugged it in on the first floor.

I do love a house that doesn't stink!  (And I admit, our house has been pretty stinky lately)

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