Friday, July 6, 2007

Mo's New Do!

He's a handsome little guy, that's for sure. On Wednesday, it was haircut day. First Dana got his hair cut nice and short. Then it was Mo's turn. I was just going to trim the sides and back up, but figured with the heat why not go all the way. So I gave him a buzz cut. It's short all over, looks really cute when I add some got2be pomade to it, and is very blonde! It's always had a reddish color to it (although it is sometimes hard to tell in the photos), but it is red no more. Pictures to come.

Kaia of course is not one to miss out on all the fun. So she had her bangs cut. It tooks some insistence on my part to convince her that I should not, and would not use the clippers on her hair. She settled for scissors and a comb.

Now the whole house has great hair, but me. I have yet to figure out how to cut my own hair, so the shaggy look will have to do for now.

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