Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mr. Mo and the Princess

Mr. Mo is quite the guy. Being a full blown toddler now, he goes from completely happy pushing his chair around, to completely pissed off when said chair gets caught up on something. His teeth are working there way through, and I believe another is out, but haven't felt brave enought to stick my fingers back in his mouth for fear of getting them bit.

Mo also has an amazing ability. Sure his vocabulary is limited to favorite words like Daadaa, ooblah, and ahhh (which happens to mean both hello and goodbye). He still eats with his fingers, and enjoys tearing off pop-ups in Kaia's book. He is learning more signs, but rarely exhibits more than please and more. His super ability happens to be that he can turn 180 degrees in his sleep without losing his blanket! I put him in his crib with his head toward the East and his rear to the West. A few hours later, when I put Kaia in her bed his rear was East, his head was West and his blanket was still covering his lower half! I have no idea how he managed to move so much without throwing it off, but that is talent.

The Princess is doing well. The age of 4 comes with many questions about anything and everything. Many of these questions don't even make sense, which continues to frustrate her when I can't answer them. How long is one that she misuses often. Such as: How long is Silverwood? So I ask her: How long til we go? or How long are we staying there? I answer both, but she still isn't satisfied.

Another confusing part of the English language for her is younger and older. She told me this morning: Grammy told me about playing hopscotch when she was older. She loves to instruct Dana and I on things we will do when we are little. The conversations with her are always interesting.

Kaia has also become quite the bike rider and loves this form of exercise. I have no worries of an overweight child, not with her activity level.

They are so much fun! I'm really looking forward to taking them to the lake. They will have so much fun in the water.

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