Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Kaia Turns 4!

Kaia's 4th birthday has come and gone. She recieved everything she's "always wanted," whether she had ever seen the item before or not. The Princess got a princess crown to wear with her princess nightgown, Aquasaurs (remember sea monkeys?), a new hat and sunglasses, a new bathing suit for our trip to Silverware, a bubble bucket and lots of markers and things to color on. We followed the birthday with a crab dinner, her favorite. She slept hard that night, and I had quite the time waking her for church Sunday morning (where she wore her new dress and her crown).

Sunday was not a day of rest at our house though. When we got home the guys (Dana, Jeff and Charlie) were busy using the ditch witch to trench the backyard. One of the things this house needs to make it sellable is a sprinkler system that actually waters the yard. So Sunday was spent putting in the new pipe. I was more the official gopher. I made lunch, took water, powerade and beer out, watched Mo to keep him out of what he shouldn't be in (like a trench) and watching Charlie and Kaia ride the dump truck and push bike down the driveway. I did help with filling in the trenches, and still have a ton of rocks to pull out of the yard so grass can grow again. Despite the 3 or more popsicles Kaia consumed she crashed even harder Sunday with all that play. It was a great weekend, even if we did go to work (and Grammy's) exhausted on Monday.

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