Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's Hard to be 2 & 5!

Last night was not a good night. It was one of those nights where the kids pick up on the fact that I'm in pain and do not have the energy, tolerance, or patience to deal with anything. Then they go crazy testing my every limit. Kaia decided to pretend she was a dog, which is usually a good thing as doggie Kaia minds quite well. Instead this doggie kept licking my legs and arms. ICK! Dana tried wearing the kids out by having them run with the dog, but they still had plenty of fight left for me.

After chasing Mo around trying to do a pull-up change, Dana held him for the actual change, and then little man went to bed. Kaia argued for dessert. She was unhappy that my response was dessert is a priveledge not a guarantee. I also pointed out that she'd already brushed her teeth, but she could have a few more strawberries if she liked. I was definitely not giving in to the homemade pineapple popsicle she wanted. She eventually gave in and ate some peas that I brought in from the garden the other day (how that became dessert, I'll never know). Finally she lay down on my lap and my pain pill kicked in giving me a bit of mind numbing respite.

At 4 this morning Mo decided to get up and call for me. I brought him into our bed. Kaia had climbed into bed a short time earlier. I essentially lost my spot in bed, and Dana had a Mo crammed underneath him for the last hour. Neither Dana or I really wanted to wake up at 5:15 when the alarm wouldn't shut up. I was definitely jealous when I saw this at 6:15 a.m.

Good thing they're cute, or I may have been tempted to get some ice, or play a recorder (you know the obnoxious musical instrument) loudly. Just ask my brother about the recorder wake up calls, yep, good thing they're cute!


jennifer said...

For all that wild activity, they sure do look sweet laying there asleep.


Kelli said...

They sure are sweet! I'm sorry to hear about the rough night. My kids know how to wear me out a lot too.