Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More Beach Fun

If you have never visited the Oregon Coast, you are missing out! Even though I live in Washington, and I lived in California, the beaches do not compare to the beauty of Oregon.

I love the look on Mo's face!

Kaia visiting the tidepools. This was underwater the rest of our trip.

An otter at the Oregon Aquarium in Newport.

A Puffin enjoying the mild weather. The aviary allows you to be right next to the birds. No touching of course, but it's great to see them up close.


Kelli said...

Beautiful pictures! Phillip and I drove down the west coast on our honeymoon and I agree with you about the Oregon beaches...gorgeous! Oh, and I love tide pools too. There was a wonderful one in San Deigo.

LZ Blogger said...

I loved the Sand Dunes on the Oregon Coast! ~ jb///

Connie Marie said...

I love the Oregon Coast! My daughters wehn to a one year Bible school in that area, Canon Beach. We spent time on beaches just like your pictures. Haystack Rock was right there too.

Nice photographs!

jennifer said...

The pictures are GREAT! Your kids look like they are having a ball. What is the temp there? What strikes me is the jackets! The beaches here you are sweating buckets in August even with a breeze.

Glad that you are back (and sorry it has taken me so long to come and tell you!!!).