Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Weather

Jen asked me just what the temperature was at the beach. On the Oregon Coast, you wear layers. The forecast said 76 degree high in Lincoln City one morning. Looking out the window, we didn't believe the guy. Good thing too, he was wrong! It was right about 70 degrees the day we got there. The temps were pretty much in the low 60's the entire time we were there, which is fairly normal. The wierd part: The wind stopped. You go to Lincoln City to fly kites. People go and do some para sailing and use stunt kites... and we couldn't get Kaia's simple little diamond shaped unicorn kite up in the air.

First day we arrived, sunny and warm, so Papa Richard went down to the beach.

Second or Third day at the beach. A little bit chillier.

No matter what the weather it was a wonderful time. Still trying to catch up at home and work, so more posts that are not vacation related coming soon!


Cat said...

Looks like a pretty spot!

Thanks for answering me regarding the g diapers. We're in an area without chain supermarkets (unless you count Wal-mart) so I guess I'm out of luck there. It's not a green area at all (SW OK, thanks to the Army). Our health food store does not carry them. You scored quite a deal!

jennifer said...

How COOL! Like I said, it is so hot on the beach here right now, it isn't so fun.

I liked your striped sweater. Very cute!

Hope you get all caught up soon!