Friday, August 22, 2008

Show & Tell: I'm Sooo Excited

My Show & Tell today isn't a cherished keepsake. It is all new, and one of the items arrived in our home last night. Click on the link below to join in the fun!

Most moms are a little apprehensive about sending their child off to school for the very first time. Most moms get a little emotional about it. Well you all know I'm not most moms, and the biggest emotion I have is: Excitement! I cannot wait! Kaia starts school next week. Not just next week, but in 4 days! We had her orientation last night. She has 2 teachers. They are splitting the week so that they both have time at home with their own young children. Dana pointed out that he is older than both teachers. So am I, but I also had expected them to be young.

There are 4 kindergarten classrooms at her school! The kids all had a great time playing outside though, while the parents got all the details in these lovely blue folders.

Of course Kaia doesn't care about the details. What's important is the goldfish named Norman in the classroom. And the fact that there is a bin of dress up clothes by the wall. She's also pretty excited about her new backpack.

We actually got this at Bi-Mart for much less than I had expected I would have to spend. I tried to convince her that my old blue Jansport bag would work (remember how cool those were?), but she refused, which really didn't surprise me. Tinkerbell was less expensive than many of the backpacks we've seen. While Dana and I tried to talk her into a cool pink camo bag, she insisted on Tink. Which I guess is ok. The pink camo will come later. The other thing she's really excited about is her new lunchbox.

Princesses of course! Now she received a new lunchbox at Christmas, but she found this for half price, and there is something cool about the metal lunchboxes. While this isn't exactly retro, the retro girl in me loves that it is not vinyl with a puffy Dora image on the front. So now she has 2 lunchboxes.

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Carla said...

Yea MOM! I loved mine going to school to. Every now and then the sad would creep in, quickly replaced with pure joy!!! Oh the fun of new backpacks and lunch boxes! Of goldfish named Norman and dress up clothes in a bin! (and she has a back-up lunch box just in case!) Enjoy mom, enjoy!

Kathy said...

Love that Tink bag! I remember those days. I dreaded all August long that the day was approaching when my children would have to go back to school! I loved having them home with me. Now my granddaughter will be starting pre-school in a couple of weeks and kindergarten in a year. Ah, life just flies by too fast!!

Danielle said...

Yay for Kaia. I am looking forward to when mine goes to Kindergarten.
Oh and yes, I would love to know how to make a boob hat.

Penless Thoughts said...

It's nice you share her excitement and joy!!!

GrumpyAngel said...

I want to tell your girl she made the best choice for a backpack. I love Tinkerbell! I'm too old to have a Tinkerbell backpack, but I have a Tinkerbell sweatshirt from Disney :-)

I'm also a working Mom and I don't see too many working mom blogs, so I'm glad I found yours thru Show and Tell.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are excited for your little one. She has fun things to see her through the day.
My baby, is a senior at Penn State and heading off again tomorrow. I am a big sap, can't help it as he's my only child.

jennifer said...

I love her Tink Backpack. But hold on to your old one - she'll want it one day.

I left you an award on my site.


Kelli said...

How exciting! We just picked up our new school supplies yesterday...pencils, erasers, colored pencils, etc. I'm addicted to that kind of stuff! I love Kaia's new backpack and her classroom sounds like lots of fun!
P.s. You may want to visit my blog this morning. :0)