Sunday, August 10, 2008

We're Back...

Rocks that we could see from our window.

Starfish on those rocks. First 2 days we had a really low tide. This allowed us to go pet all the starfish, anenomes and small crabs.

We made it home, safe and sound, for the most part. My dad is recovering from his accident on the Harley (he only had a broken rib, separated shoulder, and road rash). I'm sporting a large bruise on my leg (from pushing the trailer out to go get Dad and Dana). My father in law and I enjoyed our time traveling to find the guys (they were almost 2 hours away). It was good bonding.

Kaia at the aquarium.

It's hard to leave the ocean, even if the weather wasn't quite as cooperative as we'd have liked. It's also hard to go from having 4 other adults helping us with the kids, to just the 2 of us. And it's hard to leave a nice clean house, and come home to our mess. Such is life though. I've been picking up the last few days, and doing laundry. Can't wait to visit you all again!

Grammy and the kids.


blessedwith5 said...

Great pictures. Love the starfish!!! Glad to hear your dad is o.k. - sounds like it might be a while for the healing process.

TJ said...

Thanks for stopping by! Dad definitely has some healing time ahead of him, but his protective gear (leathers and coat with armor, plus a full faced helmet) really did save him from what could have been a nasty accident.

We have more starfish photos! They were so amazing to see in their natural habitat!

Anonymous said...

I am glad you had fun. In that picture of Kaia up against the rock, it looks like the rock behind her has eyes. Did you notice that? Seems like someone's watching out for her, lol.

Mica said...

looks like a wonderful time spent... oh and my Dad is crazy too getting into an accident on his Harley too !! Youch !!! Glad to hear he is alive !!! Take care talk to ya soon. Mica

Connie Marie said...

Awesome starfish photo!
FUn times for you and your family there at the beaches.
Sorry for the accident, my in laws friend did not fair so well as your Dad did, he got killed on his motorcycle just last week. Sudden change in their friends life for sure. I am glad your Dad is recovering.

Blessings to you.

jennifer said...

I guess I thought that all starfish looked like Flo on Nemo.

I didn't realize they had a creepy looking side.