Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Newest Kihn

Our friends brought her by on Sunday, so she could have a yard to play in and Sampson could have a friend. They had played together before, back when she had a yard, so we thought she'd be the perfect addition.

Her name is what really makes her fit in here. Rocks. As in "dumber than a box of rocks." Perfect fit with Big Dumb Dog. She also goes by Roxie and seems to be adjusting quite well.


Art said...

WHat a pretty dog. I know you'll give a her a loving home.

Linda C said...

I had to laugh at the Rocks name--that's exactly the kind of dog we hope to eventually get-- or else a nice lazy dog:) I've read that the smarter they are the more they miss you when you're gone and will tear things up with all that energy. So...yeah...give me lazy any day. Thanks for stopping by for a visit at my blog:)
Linda C

Carla said...

Alot can be said for a 'big dumb dog'
She is pretty! Congrats!

Kelli said...

I love the name! LOL It looks like they will be make great friends!