Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Remembering Why She's Great

Kaia helping Mo with a puzzle

Sometimes Kaia can be difficult. Especially the last 2 days of a 5 day break from school. Kaia was bounding with energy, and getting herself into trouble. No matter what Dana or I said, she didn't listen. I was so thankful for Monday to come and to send her off to school again.

It is times like that, I need to remember why our little girl is so great. There have been 2 things this month that really made me say, "I'm so proud she's our girl!"

First, was at Kaia's school conference. Her teacher has told us many times what a good and sweet girl Kaia is. At her conference she told us a great story. There is a little boy in class that is struggling. He is having trouble with many of the concepts. I've also gathered from my own experience in the class, that he is quite the handful. Kaia's teacher has her paired up with this boy when they are doing partner work. She said that Kaia is so kind and so patient with him, even when the teacher can tell she's exasperated by him, she doesn't show it to him.

I wish I could say the same of myself when dealing with Kaia. Maybe she can teach me?

Then the other day, just before Thanksgiving, she told Mo to stay out of her change pocket in her little pocketbook. She said that money was for people that needed food. I asked her if she was planning to put it in the Salvation Army kettle, and after some discussion that the round ball thing was really a kettle, she told me "Yes." I thought that it was very compassionate of her to want to give her pennies for others.

Then the next night, she grabbed her pocketbook as we were headed into ShopKo. I didn't prompt her at all, and was surprised that she had remembered. I was overwhelmed though when we got up to the kettle. Inside her pocketbook wasn't just pennies. She had several (2 or 3) one dollar bills that she had saved up and some silver change. I didn't say anything, but watched as she put every last bit into the kettle. The few pennies she dropped, Mo picked up and put into the kettle for her.

Even when we haven't had extra money, I've always given the kids money to put into the kettle. Apparently, Kaia has learned to give.

We are so lucky to have a girl that is kind and compassionate. She's a ball of energy with a big heart.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet post. Kaia is a cutie.

Art said...

That is awesome! What a good kid. She must have some good parents!

Casii said...

Awww, that's the sweetest!

It's hard to remember sometimes that even kids with the biggest heart can still be a handfull!

Carla said...

Moments mommy live for! When they show you who they REALLY are! Yea you for noticing and documenting it:)

jennifer said...

Miss Kaia, I think you are one more special little girl. Just think about another little girl, who is your age and likes princesses, that might not have the things that you do. By giving what you had, you helped her! And you did something for me too. Knowing you gave your money made me feel very happy. That's a lot of good that you did!!!

Take care sweetie.