Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Food Thoughts

Food and I currently have a love hate relationship. I still have the same calorie needs (at least 2700) but very little room in my stomach to take them in. I now know the feeling of being full, but still hungry.

I am surprised how each pregnancy has been different in my eating habits. With Kaia, I was all about eating hamburgers. With all 3 pregnancies I have loved Tabasco sauce and continued eating spicy foods. This time around, I'm surprised by seafood.

Normal me doesn't eat much seafood. As in not much, I mean that canned tuna, dungeness crab, and breaded fried shrimp and fish are all I eat. That has really changed the past few months. On July 1st I went to a bridal shower, where the cook (a lawyer in town that has also been to culinary school) made paella. I was nervous about taking much as it had salmon, shrimp, tilapia and some other fish in it. I am big on trying new things, so I grabbed a decent sized serving, and figured I could at least pick out the fish if needed (I was hungry after all). I didn't need my back up plan, because I really enjoyed it.

Then on August 1st, I went to the wedding. They had 3 chilled entrees with sauces. Pork, chicken, and salmon. The servers were trying to have everyone taste all 3 dishes. I asked for a small serving of the salmon, and was surpised by what was considered small. I spooned two healthy sized dollops of the cucumber dill sauce to the side of it. Then I surprised myself by finishing every bite.

Finally we went to the beach, where I couldn't wait to eat fresh dungeness crab! And I did, but I also indulged in grilled prawns, baby shrimp on a salad, and breaded fried shrimp as a main course.

Now I'm wondering, will my taste for fish last past this pregnancy? It would be nice to be able to enjoy it at get togethers in the future, but I'll just have to wait 45 days to find out.

Yes, 45 days or less and the boys will be in our arms! I am excited to meet them, see their faces and give them lots of kisses, as is Dana and the kids. I am also looking forward to a few other things. Like a good chef salad. Brie on french bread. A margarita on the rocks, and having a beer while watching football. Yes, in a short time, I'll have so much to enjoy!

Be sure to visit Friday to see some nursery photos and some of the new gifts the boys have received.


Mrs. Mordecai said...

That's awesome! With my first, my habits didn't change, but with my second, I wanted hamburgers and strawberries all the time, and I stopped eating pickles!

I always wonder what it is that makes us crave things during pregnancy.

Just Breathe said...

45 days will be here really soon.
Can't wait to see the nursery. Hope your getting some rest because you are going to be really, really busy soon. Had to say it twice since there are 2 of them!

jennifer said...

Oh wow. 45 days or less - that took my breath somehow. What an amazing story you are living.

My cravings were just. plain. WEIRD. It wouldn't surprise me a bit if you lose the fish craving. It's almost like your body knows what you need and you want to eat what will give that to you.

But you'll see soon!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

It's hard to believe the boys are almost here! Hang in there. <><

Kristina said...

You never know! I suddenly started liking ranch dressing during pregnancy, and while I don't crave it anymore, I do still like it. Before I was a total vinaigrette gal.

Only 45 days to go! Wow! You're almost there!

barb said...

45 days? Well, that mean you're in the Homestretch! Yay!

I'm allergic to shellfish, but that doesn't stop me from popping an allergy pill and enjoying some sea scallops once in a while! :-D