Monday, September 28, 2009

Gifts for the boys

I am so grateful for all the gifts that have been coming in for the boys, and for us. We have cans of soup and cornbread mix in the cupboard, and casseroles in the freezer thanks to ladies from our congregation. We also have size 1 diapers thanks to them also. Gifts have been coming from family and friends, from here in town and far away. One surprise gift was 2 crocheted blankets from a friend in Charleston. Here are some photos of a few things we've received these last few weeks.

These warm fleece pants with zip up hoodies were a gift from my aunt and uncle. They look and feel so snug and warm!

These adorable onesies came in from Aunt Pat. I love the slogans, so true! She dropped these off yesterday after taking Kaia to the movies.

These adorable jammies are from June. She's making sure her newest grandsons are well dressed. When Mo was coming it seemed like everything we received (through baby showers, from friends and family) was sports because that's what was out in the stores. I liked those things, but love the recycling and dinosaurs and puppy prints we are getting this time even more.

Last, after months of trying to figure out what to do when I have 2 infants and need to set one down, I decided a Moses Basket would be perfect. I'm not a car seat carrying mom. My back does not like me that much and it would be hard to carry 1 boy, a car seat and wrangle Kaia and Mo. Mom bought me this beautiful Moses Basket, which is lightweight and will make the perfect portable bed. I can wear one boy in a sling or pack, carry the other, and just sling this over my arm or have Kaia carry it.

And don't worry, the diaper table is still getting good use! The cover for the changing pad remains in a wicker basket underneath to keep it cat hair free.

I also have exciting news... the big day is set! If these boys don't make an attempt to come on their own, then my c-section will be Thursday, October 15th! So I know I will be meeting my boys in mere days!


Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

God is good! All the time!

Mrs. Mordecai said...

What cute gifts! I have a philosophy that a newly delivered mother is equipped to carry her baby . . . but not her baby in a car seat. Those things are so awkward to haul around!

Lady Farmer said...

Aren't your gifts so cute!? I just love the onesie that says "Party! My Crib. 3 a.m."!! Hilarious! And I love Moses Baskets! They are great.
Soon you will have your hands full, dear lady ~ full of multiplied joy and happiness! I'm sure it is hard for you to wait even these few days to meet your sweet boys!
Praying your c-section goes smoothly!

Just Breathe said...

The clothes are so cute. Love the Moses Basket. The picture of the cat is so cute. Just a few weeks,
how exciting. God Bless

jennifer said...

Oh shoot, that is SOON! You have been blessed with such thoughtful gifts! I can't wait to see your boys model the outfits.

Have a wonderful week TJ.

barb said...

My crib 3am, and 1am and 11pm... I guess the shirt was too small to fit it all on there, huh?

Wow! Oct 15th is on 2 weeks and 2 days! I know this is rather redundant, but I'm SO excited for you and your family!

Kristina said...

Moses basket is a great idea! Are you going to use a sling or wrap too?