Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pregnant Men

About 2 weeks ago, Dana let me know that I was very cranky when I got home from work. I agreed, and I told him, "Next time you are 32 weeks pregnant with twins, I promise you can be as cranky as you want to be." He laughed saying he never wanted to be pregnant with twins, and quickly corrected that to never wanting to be pregnant at all.

I'm sure it's something all expectant mothers have dreamed of, having our husband be the one pregnant, even for just a day or two. It's an experience that I don't think men will ever fully understand. On a daily basis I wish I could take my belly off and have Dana carry it for a few hours. I've told Kaia that I'd love for her to be able to do the same (talk about birth control!). While at this time us women are the only ones that can bear children (I don't dare put it past scientists to figure out something else one day), men can get a taste of what we go through.

I invite you to check out Darren Garnick's 24-Hour Diary of a Pregnant Guy. He wore a pretty intense belly suit to give him the experience of pregnancy. It was complete with 11 pounds of shifting water to help with that off-balance feeling.

I do happen to be jealous that his suit only added 33 pounds. I was up 45 pounds at my last appointment, and should continue to gain at least a pound a week (the boys should gain 1/2 pound each for every week they stay in). Enjoy your look into his experience!


Just Breathe said...

Oh yes, I always wished my husband could be in my shoes for a week.
Only 44 more days! Hooray!!!!

barb said...

I think only 45 pounds for twins is fabulous, although I'm sure it feels more like 145 pounds at this point.

Mom of three said...

My husband keeps telling me that I get all the fun because of the babies movements that I can feel. I asked him if he wanted to trade! Because it certainly doesn't always feel good when they are kicking around in there! I am up 43 pounds at 29 weeks with my twins. (4and5ontheway from the twins board)

jennifer said...

I read this post in my Reader and clicked through to Darren Garnick's pregnant posts. I was amazed that he and his wife went out that night with him in the suit.