Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mo the Builder

While he may have loved dressing in his sister's clothes, he has really become all boy lately. If it has wheels, Mo is interested in it. From his Hot Wheels collection, Thomas the Tank Engine trains, John Deere tractors and heavy equipment, to his Monster Trucks he loves them all!

Last night he couldn't stop talking as he played in our dirt patch out front. The dirt patch used to house 3 bleeding hearts, but for the most part they were lost when we re-did the sprinklers as that is where all of the water and sprinkler system "stuff" is. I think that while the dirt patch may not be as pretty, it's far better. What do you think?

There isn't much to see on the video, as the sun had gone down, but the conversation was too good to miss!


Mrs. Mordecai said...

Cute! Red Chief manages a good balance between Cinderella and Bob the Builder, but the boy stuff is definitely winning!

Gardengirl1952 said...

I like how Mo says something about planting in the dirt and using a stick that isn't ready yet. Maybe he'll be a gardener who drives big tractors.